Six ways to make your jewelry look like it's worth a fortune

The appearance of jewelry is what people see because they do not know the price of a particular piece and its history. Therefore, the impression of the jewelry will only be formed by how good it looks. We would like to share with you 6 ways to make your jewelry always look dignified and expensive.


We recommend that you clean your pieces every month to keep it in mint condition. 


Method 1 - Care

Any piece of jewelry will look unattractive if it is not properly cared for. For example, a very expensive stone is set in a ring, but it has small scratches and the ring itself is worn. Of course, the ring’s neglected look will attract attention, not the rarity of the stone and its potential price.

This is why one of the most important rules is to take good care of your jewelry regularly. We recommend that you clean your pieces every month to keep it in mint condition. To do so you can use soapy water and a brush or a special jewelry cleaner. Don't forget to have your jewelry professionally cleaned. You can do this by going to the store where you purchased your jewelry, or you can go to your local store where they can take care of your piece. 



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Method 2 - Emphasis on decoration

To make your jewelry look expensive, it is important to accentuate it in your look. After all, if you have too many details, the jewelry will get lost behind its abundance. For example, you can wear a ring and a monochrome dress, and pick up some basic earrings that will match the ring. Such a look will be concise and will highlight the main jewelry.

Method 3 - Replacing the stone

Sometimes it is enough to replace a stone in a piece of jewelry for the piece to look completely new. This could change the impression your piece gives. For example, if your jewelry has a light stone, you can replace it with a bright mineral such as garnet, amethyst, or tourmaline. Such a piece of jewelry will look brighter, creating an accent.

Method 4 - Using natural minerals

If you have a piece of jewelry with a synthetic stone, you may want to consider replacing that stone with a natural mineral. Such a change will make the piece nobler, and it will also look more expensive.We love natural minerals for their properties and their effect on people. Stones contain tremendous power and energy, the influence of which cannot be denied. In addition, natural minerals are very beautiful; even inclusions in a stone are elegant and unusual. Such inclusions show the naturalness of the stone and make the mineral unique and inimitable.


Method 5 - Combining with your style

For the jewelry to create the desired effect and look expensive, you need to make it match your clothes and other pieces. Otherwise, the product will look alien, of course, no bright impression of the product will be out of the question. First, the jewelry piece should be combined with other jewelry pieces. For example, if you wear silver jewelry, but decided to wear a gold ring, perhaps it will look inappropriate. All pieces of jewelry should be of the same material. Also, the jewelry pieces should have the same style, then they will complement each other. Secondly, your jewelry should go well with your clothes in terms of style. For example, for an evening gown, you should choose graceful jewelry, rather than bold and massive. 

Method 6 - Using multiple pieces

If you have a favorite ring and would like it to look even more expensive, consider a selection of multiple rings. These 2 or 3 rings can be worn together or separately. Visually, such a combination will look very interesting and unusual. It will give the impression that it is one large ring, but a closer look will show that the rings are separated. Also, such a combination of rings can be worn on different fingers, and they will be in the same style.  

Jewelry is something without which it is impossible to complete the look. The right selection of jewelry, adherence to style, proper care, and the use of natural minerals is what will make your jewelry look like it’s worth a fortune.

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