Starting your own gem collection

and 5 must have crystals

It is not easy to gather your own collection of stones and crystals. After all, it can be difficult for a person, who has no knowledge of it, to understand what to focus on when choosing. This article will help you to build a unique gem collection of stones and must have crystals. If you are searching for an answer, "How do i start a gem collection", then this article is for you.

5 must have crystals

I think everyone will agree that a collection of crystals or stones should consist firstly of:

  • a stone that matches your gender;
  • a stone of consciousness;
  • a stone of love;
  • a stone of tranquillity and balance;
  • a stone of good fortune and well-being.

As you progress, your collection will be enriched with other amazing stones. So, let’s get started with the selection.


It is especially important to gather a collection of stones and crystals that will complement your strengths and combat your weaknesses.


Moonstone for her

Moonstone is a truly feminine crystal, it reveals femininity, creativity, enhances intuition and has unique healing properties. It is important to mention that it also has a beneficial effect on feminine fertility. This amazing crystal is suitable for a woman of any age, and its appearance is attractive, and any girl will like it.

Kyanite for him

Kyanite - dark blue crystal for men, which help to cope with emotions, filled with tranquillity and harmony, and helps you to make the right decisions. Kyanite also supports honesty and nobility in a man. This crystal is suitable for any man due to its wonderful properties.


Amethyst is a crystal of rich purple color. This crystal can give its owner clairvoyance, intuition, conscious dreams and even emotional healing. Amethyst can reflect negative energy and is perfect for those who have bad habits and want to get rid of them. In ancient times, amethyst was worn to protect against black magic, to control evil thoughts and to protect travelers.


You can choose from one of these two love stones which you prefer, will be closer to your heart.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink crystal, which is called a love crystal. This crystal has long been called the symbol of endless love. It helps to get rid of hurts and fears that darken life, it can endow its owner with compassion and love, as well as assist you to receive and give love. It is not for nothing that this crystal is called the heart healing crystal, because it is associated with the heart chakra.


Garnet is a burgundy crystal, which also represents love. Ancient Oriental wizards considered the main magical property of the garnet is to heat up passion and love. Garnet has unique qualities that allow you to satisfy a wide range of energy needs - from improving vitality and health to protection from negativity. Garnet does not bring only vitality, but high energy, and protection, but it also helps build confidence and clarify your life purpose.

One or even two of these incredible crystals will perfectly complement your collection of crystals, and they will promote harmony in a love relationship.


Aquamarine is a blue crystal symbolizing balance and tranquillity. Aquamarine can protect a person from negative external influences such as gossip and judgments. Its properties and delicate blue shade calms and supports the life balance, giving the ability to philosophize about factors that can spoil the mood and worsen life.


Emerald is a green crystal that attracts luck and improves financial matters. Emerald also fights the bad tendencies of its owner: laziness, craving for stealing, debauchery, lying. The green stone patronizes clairvoyance and extrasensory abilities. It is used during meditations, prayers and to see the future.

These 5 incredible crystals can begin your unique and original collection, which will bring you luck and balance in all aspects of life.


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When choosing stones, you can be guided by the month you were born. This is the most popular way to find the right stone. Each stone belonging to a certain zodiac sign is confirmed by the American Gem Society in 1934.

  • For those born in January, a Garnet, a stone of love and passion, will be suitable, which will open your heart. It balances emotions and adds courage.
  • For those who were born in February, Amethyst is considered an ideal stone. It emotionally balances and promotes deeper intellectual work.
  • If your birthday is in March, your stone of life is Aquamarine. It soothes and heals.
  • Those born in April should wear Diamond. It brings clarity to the relationship and provides harmony in life.
  • Those who were born in May will surely love Emerald. These are the stones of status and health.
  • If your birthday is in June, it is recommended that you wear Pearl jewelry, with a beneficial effect on family relationships and strengthening your mind.
  • Ruby is the life companion of all those born in July. It gives leadership qualities and good luck in love.
  • If you were born in August, your stone is Peridot. It improves your mood and stimulates growth.
  • Everyone who was born in September is recommended to wear Sapphire. They give good health and are also known as wisdom stones.
  • Born in October, Opal will bring luck, which enhances creativity, strengthens memory and even reflects mood.
  • For those born in November, Topaz is the stone of love and affection, it helps in concentration, improves self-confidence and has a positive impact on creativity.
  • And if you were born in December, your stone is Tanzanite. It is a stone of transformation, balance of energy and control of emotions.


We hope you were able to find the right stones for you. After all, it is especially important to gather a collection of stones and crystals that will complement your strengths and combat your weaknesses. Each stone is unique, each one has its own meaning, and there is a huge power hidden within, meant just for you.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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