The Agate guide: colors, meanings, and properties

Agate stone comes in all different shades of blue, red, purple, black, green, brown, pink, and more. Each stone is also decorated with unique patterns on its surface. With such a variety of colors agate for centuries has always been very popular.

The variety of colors and patterns is due to the gradual layering of chalcedony, as well as the formation of voids, which over time are filled with other minerals such as rock crystal, hematite, and others.

In this article, you will find information about the types of agate and the properties inherent in each type of stone.


Native American Indians used moss agate as a stone of strength, and it was successfully used to improve weather conditions.



This variety of agate has a light blue hue that is soothing and allows you to be in balance. Usually, this variety of agate has stripes that resemble lace. The stone affects the throat chakra, which is responsible for your ability to express your thoughts freely. One of the healing properties of blue lace agate is throat healing.

Blue Lace Agate Meaning


This stone has a deep purple color. It can help you to keep a positive attitude and energy, which will affect your efficiency in work and other affairs. The stone also makes you strong and able to pass different difficulties of life. Purple agate is often used as a talisman to protect you from various troubles.

Purple agate


This variety of agate helps one to make decisions more quickly, and also increases vitality and strength, especially in times when it is lacking. Green agate is said to bring courage to its wearer.

Green Agate Meaning


Red agate is said to strengthen the will and make a person more purposeful. It also cleanses the aura of negative energy and fills it with positivity. Red agate has long been known for its ability to help overcome difficulties in love relationships.

Red agate meaning


Pink agate relieves stress and helps one feel comfortable and safe. The stone is used to restore the heart chakra, as well as to treat heart disease.

Pink Agate Properties


This white or beige stone has green patterns that resemble plants, especially moss. Moss agate helps to harmonize the inner state, balancing masculine and feminine energies. Suitable for people who experience frequent mood swings. The stone affects the heart chakra, removing blockages from it, allowing you to be less controlling and critical of others. Moss agate also boosts self-esteem and has a very calming energy, reminding you of nature.

Moss Agate Meaning


This variety of agate is also called the "Stone of Plenty". The color of the mineral is brown or green with inclusions reminiscent of a fern. The stone helps you stay emotionally focused and strong when faced with potential struggle or hostility. Dendritic agate also helps you find peace.

Dendritic Agate Meaning



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Fire agate is an agate with a rich dark red, orange, or brown color, similar to a flickering flame. Fire agate is suitable for periods of introspection when you are dealing with ingrained problems that are important to resolve.

Fire Agate properties


As a rule, Botswana agate has one main hue, while the others complement it so harmoniously and evenly that it is impossible to define the color. Often occurs in the following shades: pink, peach, lilac, white, milky, beige, etc. This stone will help people not only to improve their health and strengthen their bodies but also to overcome various obstacles in life, as well as to establish relationships with loved ones. It gets rid of fears and anxiety and gives one confidence.

Botswana Agate


Black agate has a matte, streak-free surface. What is the black agate's meaning? This agate has the power to help you calm down, especially during anger attacks. It is also capable of absorbing a person's negative energy and soaking up all negativity.

Black agate meaning


White agate symbolizes spirituality, purity, and elevated feelings. It strengthens one's health, promotes peace and prosperity, and helps one to overcome one's anxieties and fears. Its white color also brings peace and pleasure.

White agate

Agate is a stone with more than 150 varieties. All agates are said to bring health, happiness, and longevity. To make it easier for you to orient yourself in the types of agate, we have created a memo with the basic colors and properties of the different types of agate.

TypeColorAgate properties
Blue Lace Agatelight blue- calms and allows you to be in balance;
- affects the throat chakra

Purple Agatepurple- can help keep a positive attitude and energy;
- makes you strong and able to go through different difficulties in life;
Green Agategreen- helps you make decisions faster;
- promotes vitality and strength;
- gives courage.
Pink Agatepink- relieves stress;
- helps to feel comfort and security;
- restores the heart chakra; 
- cures heart disease.
Red Agatered, burgundy- helps strengthen the will;  
- makes a person more goal-oriented;
- cleanses the aura from negative energy and charges positive energy; 
- helps to overcome difficulties in love relationships.
Moss Agatewhite or beige with green patterns- helps to harmonize the inner state, to balance male and female energies;
- influences the heart chakra;
- increases self-esteem; 
- has a calming energy and reminds of nature.

Dendritic Agatebrown or green with inclusions- helps you stay emotionally centered and strong;
- promotes peace of mind.

Fire Agatedark red, orange or brownsuitable for periods of introspection, when you are dealing with entrenched problems that are important to solve.
Botswana Agatepink, peach, mauve; white, milk, beige, etc.- helps to establish health and strengthen the body, to overcome various obstacles in life, as well as to establish relationships with loved ones;
- relieves fears and anxieties; 
- gives confidence.

Black Agatematte black- can help to calm down;
- can absorb a person's negative energy.
White Agatewhite- strengthens health, gives peace and prosperity; 
- helps to overcome anxiety and fears.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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