The Most Popular Gemstones and Why People Love Them

There is a great variety among minerals, but not all of them are suitable for jewelry making. With such a huge variety of different stones that we all wear in our jewelry, surely everyone has their favorite, and if not, at least we all have our preferences. We've compiled a list of the most popular gemstones for you to choose from.


Natural minerals contribute both to health and the normalization of our internal state of mind.


This semi-precious stone comes in different shades: blue, white, sulfur, pink, etc. Blue moonstones are the most popular. All varieties of this stone are appreciated for the play of light they contain within, which is especially visible in direct sunlight. The stone is also popular because of its properties: it develops intuition, aids in childbirth, affects femininity and sensuality, and helps people to truly know themselves.


Sapphire is a precious stone and has an extremely high hardness of 9 out of 10, second only to diamond. The stone is popular because of its transparency and rich blue color, although there are other varieties also. A particularly popular variety is the star sapphire, which displays a star shaped pattern. Sapphire is considered the stone of heaven and has a powerful cosmic energy, and has always been a symbol of wisdom, justice, purity, and spirituality.



A semi-precious stone, firstly, Labradorite is popular due to its appearance: an irregular color with bright iridescent shimmers, known as Labradorescence. Labradorite is attributed the ability to inspire and support creative endeavors.


Amber is a yellow-orange, translucent stone. It is valued for its unusual orange color, and especially popular are stones that contain fossilized insects, which are already millions of years old. It is regarded as a semi-precious stone.


Topaz is loved all over the world and chosen for its high hardness (8 out of 10) and very delicate blue color and glassy sheen. Considered to be a stone of prudence, friendship, purity, joy, hope, and optimism, Topaz also helps to deter depression, and negative thoughts.


Sunstone is a semi-precious stone that shimmers with golden sparks and is associated with the Sun, which is why it is loved all over the world. Its beautiful appearance, hardness (6-6,5 out of 10), and ease for cutting, have won it a place among the semi-precious stones. Stones with a "cat's eye" effect, i.e., a shimmering stripe effect on the surface of a stone, are highly prized.



Garnet is another of the semi-precious stones. It is loved for its beauty and properties. It is commonly found with a bright red color, although there are also burgundy, pink, green, and orange garnets, which have their own names. Garnets are also valued for their pure glassy luster, as well as their good hardness of 6.5-7.5. It is considered a stone of passion, emotions, and desires, which is partly why it has become so popular.


This gem can safely be called the main stone, and all because it is the hardest mineral there is. When buying a piece of jewelry with a diamond, you need not worry about the stone being scratched or damaged. It is also valued for its transparency, on which, incidentally, the price depends. Diamonds can be not only colorless, but also colored: pink, yellow, blue, and others.


Opal is a semi-precious stone of amazing beauty. Extremely popular are fire opals, which have well defined bright flashes of light inside that glisten in the light.


A stone loved for its incredible blue color, reminiscent of a sea wave. This resemblance resulting in its name, which in Latin means “sea water”. Aquamarine is highly valued for its transparency and purity.

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Gemstone Symbolism


This gemstone is primarily chosen for its deep red color and also for its remarkably high hardness, which is 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. It is worth mentioning that rubies also come in other shades, such as purple or pink.


Amethyst is a semi-precious stone. Amethyst attracts people with its bright purple or lilac color. Its hardness is quite high: 7 out of 10, and it is also popular because it has very few inclusions.


Emerald is a gemstone that is on par with the Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby. A stone of power and status, it also has a high hardness (7.5-8). People love it for its terrific green color. Transparent emeralds are especially prized, as they are quite rare in nature.


This semi-precious stone is called the stone of love and tenderness. Girls love it precisely for its properties, beauty, and luster. Despite the fact that perfect specimens with clear facets are extremely rare, rose quartz is still immensely popular. Rose quartz jewelry is suitable for both everyday wear and for holidays.


This list of popular gemstones could actually continue for a lot longer, though we have named the most popular gemstones from our experience. We hope that each of you will find the right stone for you, that will bring you luck, success, and joy.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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