The one item that every woman needs in her jewelry box

Jewelry is an integral part of almost every look. Girls especially love combining different pieces. In this article, we'll tell you which piece of jewelry we think every girl should have in her jewelry box.


We believe that a moonstone ring is the perfect and versatile piece of jewelry. After all, moonstone can come in a variety of colors, with delicate shades that will go with any outfit. 


Moonstone ring

Moonstone is a mineral that has many properties, while also being suitable for every woman due to its soft energy.

We believe that a moonstone ring is the perfect and versatile piece of jewelry. After all, moonstone can come in a variety of colors, with delicate shades that will go with any outfit. In addition, moonstones come in different sizes and shapes, so there are a huge number of ring options.
 Moonstones go with rings of completely different styles. These can be floral or themed designs or minimalist rings. Any of these options will look good with a moonstone.



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Properties of moonstone

Each piece of moonstone jewelry has a powerful yet gentle feminine energy. Moonstone has a large number of properties, for example

1) Strengthens intuition
2) Awakens female energy
3) Reduces the effects of stress
4) Stabilizes emotional state during changes
5) Helps control fears
6) Promotes good fortune
7) Keeps couples safe from quarrels and helps strengthen their relationship
8) Helps awaken clairvoyance
9) Activates creative energy and imagination
10) Strengthens female energy.

Moonstone also has an active effect on the body:
1) Helps the nervous system recover from stressful conditions
2) Recovers the body from infectious diseases
3) Positive effects on digestive organs
4) Helps eliminate kidney problems
5) Positively affects the cardiovascular system
6) Helps to overcome sleep disturbances
7) Relieves pregnancy and childbirth

These properties will have a positive effect on every girl, which is why the moonstone is a universal mineral.

Combination with clothing and other stones

A moonstone ring can be worn with many different clothes, both casual and as an accent jewelry piece. Moonstone jewelry always draws attention and makes the look more interesting.

Do not be afraid to combine a moonstone ring with other stones. After all, moonstone can be combined with many different stones, for example:

1. With amethyst
This combination will enhance your feminine energy.
2. With blue sapphire
3. With lapis lazuli
4. With labradorite
5. With turquoise

However, do not combine Moonstone with garnet, agate, carnelian, ruby, and jasper. Such combinations are unfavorable for the person, and also the properties of the stone may not be manifested.

Moonstone ring in gold/silver?

Your versatile moonstone ring can be in silver or gold. It all depends on your preference, as moonstone combines well with any of these metals.

1. Gold ring
Such a ring has many advantages, as gold is a durable metal and it also has strong metaphysical properties, as does the moonstone. The moonstone harmonizes beautifully with the gold setting, as the glare on the moonstone blends well with the warm luster of the gold.

2. Silver ring
Silver, like moonstone, promotes feminine energy, so this combination will have great potential for every girl.In addition, silver and moonstone look great together, as silver has a cool hue, as do most moonstone types. Oxidized moonstone rings are especially beautiful. 


We think every girl should try out the power of the moonstone. This stone is truly a versatile stone, which is why it has been valued for several millennia. The tradition of wearing moonstone rings is still relevant today, all the more so because moonstone is fully in keeping with the trends of modern fashion. 

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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