The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring

To propose marriage is an important and responsible step in every man's life. Planning a proposal, which will bring a lot of positive emotions and will be remembered for a lifetime, is an incredibly exciting moment in life, but choosing the perfect engagement ring is often just as difficult and exciting a process that a man needs to go through. After all, coming to the store or choosing a ring online, it is difficult to think through absolutely everything, you need to know a lot of nuances and be knowledgeable in this complex matter. To make the choice easier, we suggest you read the complete guide to choosing an engagement ring. 


Planning a proposal, which will bring a lot of positive emotions and will be remembered for a lifetime, is an incredibly exciting moment in life, but choosing the perfect engagement ring is often just as difficult and exciting a process that a man needs to go through. 


Before you go looking for the best engagement ring, you need to determine a budget for your future purchase. This is important not only so you don't spend too much. It is your budget that will help the jewelry store staff suggest only the options that are affordable to your budget. It will definitely be easier for you to choose a ring, so determining your budget is the first step in your purchase. In online stores, you will also be able to filter out options that don't fit your budget on your own.

It is worth saying that the opinion that a man should spend 2 of his salaries on a ring is an outdated notion, invented in the last century as part of diamond advertising. Now, of course, it makes absolutely no sense to go into debt to buy a diamond. These gemstones are no longer as popular with modern girls, while various gemstones such as sapphires, opals, moonstones, labradorites and others are topical.



The second most important thing is where to buy your ring?This is really a key decision, think about where it will be easier for you to choose a piece - in a store, where you can see all the pieces with your own eyes. Or online, where you can read about the product, review it and make a decision in the time you are comfortable with. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

1) Buying in a store
It is in the store that you will have the opportunity to touch and see all the rings that interest you. It may be difficult for you to choose, because they will all seem very beautiful. Also, don't forget that you can ask for the help of a consultant who will find options for you to fit your budget.

2) Buying online
In modern times, this way of shopping is on par with buying in a store. It is very convenient to find stores online from the comfort of your home, compare, analyze and find the best option. Thanks to well-tuned filters, you can always look only at what you need, sifting out products you don't intend to buy. It is online that you have a huge chance among the many stores to find exactly the one that offers exactly the right ring.

3) Custom ring
Even if you don't find the one you want, you always have the option of going to a jeweler to have a custom ring made to your individual request. Such a ring will reflect your girl's personality and you will be able to incorporate your amazing ideas into the ring.Note that a custom ring usually takes longer to make than buying a pre-made ring. Take this time into account so you don't disrupt your plans.


It is for ring shopping that it is important to know exactly the size of your bride-to-be's ring. Getting the size wrong is a serious problem that can "crumple" the engagement experience and cause embarrassment. That is why you need to know the size of the ring in any way you can.

The best way to find out the size is to measure the ring the girl is wearing. You can measure the ring with a special device at home or take the ring to a jeweler who will use precise instruments to determine the size of the ring. Some men resort to other ways as well, for example, you can always ask her friend or measure her finger while she is sleeping. Although we advise you to use more accurate methods.  

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choosing the perfect engagement ring

4. FEATURES - preferences, style, personality

You should choose a ring based not on your personal taste, but on your girlfriend's preferences. Think about what kind of jewelry she likes, what kind of stones she likes best.

Be sure to think about whether she wants to show everyone her ring. If yes, then choose a ring that is large enough. If the girl does not like to wear a large amount of jewelry and has a rather modest style, then you should give preference to a more elegant and small ring.


The choice of metal for the ring is just as important as the choice of stone. After all, a beautiful gem will shine only in the right setting. Using a low-quality and cheap metal is a gross mistake that will upset you both. Therefore, the choice of metal for the ring should be approached with special care.

1) Gold
Gold engagement rings are an ideal choice because such items are very durable and valuable. Such a ring will remain in attractive condition not only for years, but for decades. When choosing the perfect engagement ring among the gold rings, pay attention to the fact that gold can have different numbers of carats, and its density and durability depends directly on this. For example, a 24k gold ring is not a good long-term option because it is too soft. To increase the durability of gold, other alloys are added to it. A good option would be a ring made of, for example, 14k gold. Such a ring will not be too soft and will not scratch quickly.You can always consider 3 kinds of gold - yellow, rose gold and white. Yellow and rose gold have no obvious differences, they differ only in shade, but white gold is more like silver, although it has all the qualities of gold.

 2) Silver
Silver rings are also quite often used for engagement rings. Silver is much cheaper than gold, so it is possible to choose, for example, a larger ring or choose a more expensive stone.

It's worth mentioning that silver pieces, with proper care and treatment, can last a very long time.

You should not forget that some people are allergic to certain metals. It is necessary to find out if your girlfriend is one of these people. In case she does have an allergy, choose a more expensive metal in order to avoid allergies.


1) Natural origin
We recommend choosing only natural minerals for your jewelry, and especially for your engagement ring. After all, it is natural minerals that are nature's gift, its power captured in a small stone. In addition, there are many unique properties in natural stones.

2) Clarity
The stone you choose should be clear enough, with no cloudy parts or bubbles. Sometimes there are natural inclusions in stones, they are not to be feared. However, there should not be too many inclusions, as this will reduce the value and aesthetic appeal of the stone.

3) Color
The color of a mineral must be quite bright. If you choose a colored stone, but it is dull and unsightly, it is worth considering other options.

4) The shape and cut of the stone.
Pay attention to the shape of the stone as well. It can be a minimalist cabochon shape when the stone is smooth. Or the stone can be cut in various ways, such as oval, pear, marquise, princess and others.It is worth paying special attention to the quality of the cut, for example, to see that the stone has no chips and cracks.

5) Stone size
The quality of stones of different sizes varies. Some large stones are of sufficient clarity. These stones are usually quite expensive. Some large stones have many inclusions, which makes them lose their clarity. We recommend to choose the size of the stone very carefully. Do not try to choose as big a stone as possible, it's not the most important thing in a ring. A stone that looks good in the setting and matches the style of the ring.  


When you're one step away from buying the ring you like, ask about the warranty you're getting. Stores usually have a policy of exchanging and returning the ring. If the ring doesn't fit your girlfriend's size you can easily exchange the ring for another ring in the right size or change the size of your ring. And if the ring doesn't like your girlfriend, you will be able to request an exchange or refund of the ring.

Also note the repair policy. The ring may break or simply lose its original appearance, such as being covered in scratches. If the store does jewelry cleaning, you can always go there to update the look of the ring.


Not every trip to a jewelry store is as important and exciting as choosing the perfect engagement ring. There is so much to consider and know for this difficult choice. After all, an engagement ring is an unusual piece of jewelry, and a symbol of your love and intention. By making the right choice, you will definitely be more confident and relaxed.

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