TOP-10 Crystals for Good Luck and Success

Luck and success are always important to everyone. People believe in objects that bring good luck. A special role was given to minerals that can carry positive energy and bring good luck. The lucky stones include citrine, amethyst, labradorite, kyanite, sapphire, carnelian, tiger's eye, rose quartz, garnet, tourmaline quartz. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Gemstones for success.


The lucky stones include citrine, amethyst, labradorite, kyanite, sapphire, carnelian, tiger's eye, rose quartz, garnet, tourmaline quartz.



Citrine brings prosperity to a person's life. It used to be considered the stone of merchants, as it helped to find wealth and abundance by making money by selling something. Now it is called a stone suitable for businessmen. It is advised to keep it in an office to ensure a prosperous business.

The stone helps to get rid of bad energy, attracts people and situations that are needed to achieve goals. The mineral is considered a stone of new beginnings, promoting good luck in a new business. It raises self-esteem and gives confidence in one's abilities.


Amethyst has long been associated with good fortune. This purple stone helps to reveal intuition and hear your inner voice when making important decisions. These are excellent crystals for success.


This stone influences human intuition and brings good luck due to its unique vibrations. Labradorite is an indispensable aid in situations where it seems that a person is fixated on a certain moment and this does not allow him to move forward. The stone is also able to protect against decisions that lead to a loss of money.

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Crystals for Good Luck and Success


Blue kyanite is considered the stone of wish fulfillment. It helps to visualize one's good fortune, and the stone gives the right motivation to make one's desires come true. Kyanite is the kind of stone that will constantly remind a person that it is important to be assertive in dealing with issues.


The sapphire gemstone is a stone of wisdom, which helps to make correct and balanced choices in various matters of life. Sapphire is especially helpful if you wear jewelry with this stone for important meetings and negotiations. 


This incredible stone gives a person courage and energy. According to legend, Napoleon wore a lucky watch made of carnelian gemstone, and the Islamic prophet Muhammad wore a ring with a seal of carnelian to bring them luck in their endeavors.

The stone promotes success and helps you to be creative in life's moments. There are no better crystals for good luck. Also, carnelian can help to make informed decisions without fear of making a mistake. It is said that carnelian helps to overcome fear, especially fear of public speaking or making speeches where one must assert a certain position. 


A mineral with such an unusual name has a great power, which brings great luck to its owner. The stone allows one not to be afraid to make decisions, to communicate with people and to advance one's interests. The stone has the unique property of allowing the most accurate prediction of the future. This contributes to making smart and correct decisions related to work or other spheres of life.


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Rose Quartz brings good luck in personal relationships with people. The stone has an energy that attracts love. It brings warmth and love to any relationship, not necessarily even love relationships. The stone promotes letting go of negative and outdated emotions, allowing one to move forward and achieve success.

Rose Quartz eliminates negative energy and replaces it with positivity, which helps to resolve conflict situations and disputes and helps get rid of tension between people.


The garnet has long been famous for its ability to bring good luck and success. The stone gives the necessary strength. The garnet also protects from evil intentions and magic, which can interfere with success and good luck.


Tourmaline quartz is one of the best minerals that increases a person's luck. This stone has a unique combination of quartz that enhances energy and tourmaline that replaces negativity with positivity. The stone also affects willpower, helping one to go after their goals. 



To find your stone of good luck, you need to focus on the goals and possible obstacles that prevent their achievement. After you determine your desires and goals, you can begin to search for a stone of good luck. The stone that helps you in your desired goals will be your faithful assistant and talisman.

For the stone to bring good luck, you should carry it with you, especially for important meetings and transactions. You should also wear the minerals as often as possible in the form of jewelry, so they will give you their positive energy. Place minerals in your home to harmonize the space and attract good luck. Meditation with minerals is also an effective method to improve your life and attract success.

Life always consists of different periods. There are fortunate or unfavorable periods. Do not forget about the power of stones, and they will definitely help to change your life and achieve success.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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