Top 5 Moonstone Uses in Fashion, Healing and Other Fields

For centuries, people have been familiar with the Moonstone. It captivates with its beauty, mesmerizes, and, of course, it is used to influence in many areas of life. Countless artifacts from the past centuries are kept in museums and collections around the world, and nowadays, the Moonstone has become even more popular. Let us find out some key moonstone uses and where they are used today.


Moonstone has been used in jewelry throughout history, but only in the early 1900s did it become iconic.



Moonstone has been used in jewelry throughout history, but only in the early 1900s did it become iconic.

Nowadays the mineral is extremely popular within the jewelry industry. It is cut into cabochons and used for inserts in men's rings, women's delicate rings, brooches, earrings, pendants, and other types of jewelry. Moonstone engagement rings are also becoming popular again. Another unusual application of this stone in jewelry is the rise in use of raw stones in jewelry pieces.

People are often attracted to this stone by its mysteriousness and its connection with the moon, with its delicate white and blue color and iridescent shimmering, evocative of natural moonlight.

Moonstones can seriously differ in price. First of all, it depends on the size, color, and, of course, on the adularescence, an amazing phenomenon that is created as a result of the internal structure of the stone. The transparency of a stone also plays an important role.


Moonstone has long been used to treat various diseases. For example, the stone helps with various sleep problems: insomnia, nightmares, sleepwalking, etc. It is recommended to put the stone near the place in which you sleep. Also, the mineral has a favorable effect on the organs and systems of the human body. According to lithotherapy, when worn continuously, the mineral helps to alleviate epileptic seizures, normalizes the genitourinary and digestive systems, improves blood and lymph circulation, and can help regulate the pituitary gland.

Moonstone is also useful for diseases of the liver, kidneys, biliary tract, and various hormonal disorders. The mineral cleans lymph and blood perfectly, relieves swelling, fever and inflammation, and normalizes the heart. In addition, the mineral has a special effect on women and their health. It helps to facilitate childbirth. It is recommended to wear it during the whole pregnancy, especially before delivery. The stone is also useful for those women who are just planning to become mothers, because moonstone helps increase fertility.



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The magic and metaphysical properties of moonstone are also remarkably interesting and diverse. Moonstone is often considered a stone that attracts love. Those who are lonely or looking for love are advised to wear the jewelry on their left side. For those who have already found love in life, the stone teaches them to be tolerant and understanding.

The mineral will also perfectly suit creative and imaginative people. It will help to develop creative abilities and showcase one’s talents. It is important for any person to be confident in oneself, a moonstone also helps in this area. With the stone balancing emotions and helping its owner to become more sensible, calling peace, harmony, and balance to your life.

Also because of its connection with feminine nature, the mineral enhances intuition and can even show the gift of clairvoyance, And, since ancient times, the moonstone has been called the stone of travelers, as it protects those who are far from home, often used as an amulet.

For people who are fond of chakras, it will be useful to know that the moonstone is associated with the crown chakra, which represents the unity with God, peace, and wisdom. It is located at the top of the head and is connected with our thoughts and reactions to the world around us. The moonstone also removes the negative in all other chakras and balances our emotional, physical, and spiritual energy. You can meditate with Moonstone to help find spiritual balance and bring your emotional state back to normal. Such meditation immerses a person deeply in oneself.


Moonstone crystals are actively used in the ancient Feng Shui doctrine and occupy a special place there. In the doctrine, moonstone is considered a symbol of serenity and peace of mind. It belongs to the elements of Water and can also be used to activate or enhance positive energy flows in the southwest of the house where the Love and Marriage Zone is located.

Let us consider a few more tips for using moonstone in Feng Shui:

  • The location of the stone in the health zone (Tai Qi) improves the balance in the house and the healing process.
  • You can put the moonstone near the bed or under the mattress to get rid of reproductive problems.
  • On the desktop, moonstone activates creative energy and productivity.


Many associate Moonstone with gods, the moon, and legends, but in fact, it has now also reached the fashion industry. Stones originating in Burma or Sri Lanka are valued as whole pieces. A large size moonstone is a rarity, but small specimens also occupy the first lines on the wish-list. Moonstones are also not only used for jewelry, but also as a decoration for various other items, and items with this stone are often considered a key addition to the fashionable image.


Moonstones are full of mysteries and riddles. These incredible minerals can be used in countless different aspects of life and for many different purposes. The most important thing, though, is to sense the sheer power of this stone and let it change you for the better. Read our Blog article Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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