Want to wear a clear gemstone?

Here is a list of the top clear gemstones.

Clear gemstones are quite popular, and many people choose them for both silver and gold jewelry. This is because the transparent stones fit perfectly with any clothing and are suitable for everyday wear. By the way, there is an opinion that if a person wants to wear transparent minerals, they are striving for spiritual growth and purification.

In this article, you will learn about clear gemstones, get recommendations on how to care for them, and how to achieve the right combination of these stones.


Clear Gemstones will fit any of your images, and jewelry with such a stone will look great with evening wear or a casual outfit.



Diamond is the most prestigious gemstone, which is very popular, especially used for engagement and wedding rings.

Diamonds have many advantages, among them:

  • It is the hardest stone (10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale);
  • it has a mesmerizing radiance and lustre;
  • Diamond is a symbol of strength, courage, perfection, invincibility and power.
  • These stones have a powerful healing power, and also strengthen the influence of other stones.
  • They strengthen all the energy centres in a person, give strength to him or her, and bring happiness and luck in all matters.
  • Diamond reduces high fever, fights infections, relieves fatigue and activates metabolism.


Sapphires look like diamonds, but there are also sapphires with a white hue, which are cloudier than diamonds. They are also one of the strongest stones (9 on the Mohs scale).

A sapphire is a stone that gives loyalty and modesty; it brings happiness in love. A white sapphire can help you find your purpose in your life, overcome all fears, this stone brings spiritual comfort, makes a person calm and strengthens prudence.

Since ancient times, sapphire has been used to treat eye disease. It also helps with insomnia, back pain, colds, bronchial asthma and heart disease.


Also similar in appearance to diamond but not as hard. The advantage is the low price.

In medieval symbolism, topaz meant prudence and good deeds. Even now, it is called the stone of inner enlightenment. Topaz is considered one of the gemstones with strong protective properties. It also helps its owner to react quickly to events and make the right decision.

Topaz strengthens the immune system, protects against colds, treats digestive organs, and speeds up tissue regeneration.


It has a dazzling lustre and the ability to reflect light, so this stone is often cut. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 6 to 7.5, i.e., it is quite brittle and is likely to be broken or left chipped.

In Indian practical yoga zircon belongs to the highest place in energy. The energy properties of zircon are explained by the dipyramid shape of its crystals and are associated with the so-called double pyramid effect.

It is believed that this transparent stone gives a person optimism, confidence in their abilities, helps develop intuition, and unravels warning signs.

Zircon is ascribed the property of a positive effect on the thyroid gland and pituitary gland, and it also stimulates the liver.


Moonstone is transparent and can have different colors such as pink, white, blue, and peach. It is interesting because it plays a fascinating game of light - adularescence.

It is believed that moonstone should be used according to the lunar phases, and in the new moon it concentrates a huge magical force. Moonstone soothes the mind, awakening dreaminess, softness and tenderness in people, eliminates anger and internal tension, and promotes intuition and imagination.

Moonstone is used in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, liver and biliary tract, in infectious diseases, insomnia, spinal diseases, fractures and inflammation of bone tissues.

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Opals are amazingly beautiful stones, which are mined mainly in Australia. This type of opal has white hue and shades, which are typical for opalescence.

Indian shamans use opals in many magical rituals. As a talisman, opal predetermines success in all endeavours. Opal brings happiness, drives away dark thoughts and fears, and protects the owner from disease. These stones also give power to clairvoyance, reveal the gift of prophecy, and help predict the future.

Opal is used to treat the heart and nerves. It is believed to balance all bodily functions and protect against infectious diseases.


White quartz is often mixed up with diamonds, as they have a similar appearance. This stone is quite strong (7 on the Mohs scale) and has excellent transparency.

Quartz has healing properties, attracts love, luck, success, and material prosperity, develops imagination, and promotes active thought processes.

White quartz has a positive effect on the chest and respiratory system. It is believed that if you keep a piece of quartz, a small fragment or quartz crystal, it greatly facilitates the flow of colds.


Such a stone has a special appearance, it has inclusions of various shades, which can help you guess that it is jasper. The transparency of a stone can also be different. White jasper is a strong and hard stone, suitable for everyday wear.

Jasper is considered a reliable amulet. It is the only stone that removes all the negative energy potential already accumulated by the body. The stone reveals the gift of foresight and promotes concentration.

As an amulet jasper restores strength, improves memory, can cure mental illness, normalize sleep, get rid of insomnia and nightmares.


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  • As we have already said, transparent stones will fit any of your images, and jewelry with such a stone will look great with evening wear or a casual outfit.

  • Jewelry with such a gemstone will be an excellent base decoration in your personal collection.

  • Such gemstones can be combined with each other, for example, moonstone combine perfectly with white quartz or sapphire. At the same time, don’t forget about the style of your jewelrys; they should harmonize with each other.

  • Clear gemstones look great in jewelry, made with both silver and gold.



Care, storage and cleaning are a must for the safety of gems and the beauty, appearance and durability of your jewelry.

Transparent stones require special care. The rules of care for each stone may vary; this depends primarily on the strength of the stone. Let us remember the Mohs scale! The properties of the stone and its composition are also important. For example, opal has up to 20% of water, so it requires special treatment and care (do not put it in water, store it at room temperature).

But in general, there are also common rules for the care of transparent stones:

1. Correct gemstone handling

Regardless of the strength of your stone in a ring, pendant, or other product, you should wear it carefully.

Do not forget to take off your jewelry during sports activities, cleaning, before visiting the pool and sauna. After all, from aggressive physical, chemical or thermal exposure, the stone may crack and fade.

2. Storing gemstone

Store the jewelry in a special box or bag. It is essential that the gemstone or the jewelry item are kept in a box, in a fixed position. The important thing is not to store stones of different hardness next to each other.

3. Gemstone Cleaning

Regular jewelry cleaning is necessary to keep your jewelry and the gemstone looking good. We recommend that you entrust your jewelry cleaning to a professional jewelry workshop. At home, you can wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth.

So, clear gemstones are not only exceptionally beautiful, but also have unique properties. Choose a gemstone that will bring you luck, happiness and joy, to fit your unique images.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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