Top ten things about jewelry

Jewelry is an ancient phenomenon that is comparable in age to the history of mankind. Scientists still do not agree on what came first: the need for jewelry or clothing? At different times, jewelry has carried meanings relevant to the time. And nowadays jewelry functions in different ways: it is an attitude to a subculture, a social belonging, and a way of self-expression. In this article, we talk about the 10 most important things you can know about jewelry.


Each stone is a unique creation of nature, endowed with a large number of properties and auspicious energy. Using minerals, studying their influence on yourself is a long and interesting process, filled with mysteries and discoveries. 


Silver has been known to humans for over 6,000 years. This metal has been used for many centuries to make jewelry. Even nowadays a large part of jewelry is made of silver. It is connected with the low price of this metal, its durability and beauty.

The most common is sterling silver, which is a metal that has a 925 grade (92.5% pure silver). It takes its name from the English coinage of sterling, which was made from sterling silver.

According to astrology, silver is a lunar metal which enhances feminine beauty and attractiveness. In addition, silver was at all times considered a symbol of spiritual purity.



Gold is a wonderful and expensive metal that has many wonderful qualities, the most important of which is its durability. Jewelry made of gold is almost impossible to destroy, it does not oxidize, does not rust, and it can be remelted endlessly.

Not all people know that there are different kinds of gold. For example, there is 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K and more. All of these types differ in having different amounts of gold in their composition, for example, 10K gold consists of only 41% gold and 24K is pure gold. However, 24K gold items are not the best choice because they are too soft and can easily deform.


Not everyone knows that different metals can be rhodium plated. When you do this, the jewelry will stay in good condition for a very long time. For example, while a silver ring may oxidize within a few months, the same rhodium-coated ring will not undergo any changes. Rhodium plating is also used to give jewelry a white hue.

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Ethical manufacturing is very important. Although, unfortunately, not all people think about where their favorite jewelry stores get their metals and minerals from. Decent brands always make sure that their metals and stones are ethically sourced, and they themselves only organize the ethical production of their jewelry.


There is such a wide variety of jewelry stones that everyone can find the right one for themselves. Stones of any color and hardness may have different optical effects such as iridization, "cat's eye", asterism (star), etc.

Each stone is absolutely unique and possesses medicinal and magical properties, and the stones may have different size and shape. Nowadays there are also different cuts and shapes of stones, which gives a huge potential for choice.

It is worth saying that the demand for minerals is growing every year, and the price of them is also increasing. It is connected with the fact that the stones are mined by hand and there are less and less natural stones on the planet.


The most important thing in the art of choosing the right jewelry pieces is that the style of the items should match the image, place and time. In this case, the jewelry complements and adorns the image.

In today's world you can choose practically any piece of jewelry - with floral design, untreated stones, massive and minimalistic jewelry. They are all interesting and attractive in their own way.

It is worth saying that silver suits almost all the shades of clothing, and gold is better to wear with things in warm tones. Bright or large jewelry should be worn as an accent, and vice versa, it is better to wear minimalistic products for a brighter outfit.


For your jewelry to really catch the eye, it is better to beware of using too flashy jewelry. There is a very fine line between stylish jewelry and inappropriate jewelry. After all, it is the right selection of jewelry that can guarantee a complete look.

It is not recommended to wear too many products, and especially jewelry that is not combined with each other. Such experiments are more likely to ruin your look than to beautify it.


To keep your jewelry looking as good as when you first picked it up, you must not only handle it gently, you must also take care of it.

Usually a dishwashing detergent and warm water are used for cleaning the jewelry. This applies to home care, which should be regular.

You should also take your jewelry to a jewelry store for professional cleaning once a year. Masters know how to properly clean your jewelry without damaging it. Usually special products, ultrasonic and other cleaners are used. You can always ask the store where you bought the item if they have a service for taking care of the jewelry. Usually, stores provide this service for free.


There are certain pieces of jewelry that should be treated with special care. This will certainly extend their life.

For example, such jewelry pieces with opals. As opals contain a lot of water (up to 20%), the stone reacts to every change of temperature. If you forget to take off your opal jewelry before bathing, the stone can also be damaged. For this reason, you should carefully study the recommendations for caring for opal so that you don't damage the stone.

Pearl necklaces, pearl rings or earrings also require special care. Pearl tends to grow dull with time; therefore, you should properly preserve your pearl jewelry.

Oxidized silver items deserve special attention. Oxidation prevents silver from oxidizing. That said, if oxidized pieces are not worn and cleaned properly, the oxide can become dull. 


Many people don't know that stores provide a jewelry repair warranty, and this warranty is valid indefinitely. This is convenient because you don't have to look for a jeweler or repair shop that can help you. The store that provides the warranty assumes all the risks of repairing the item. 


Knowing a little more about jewelry will allow you to form your own unique style, which will reflect your character and sense of taste. Each piece is unique in its own way, and in the hands of a skilled person, it will reveal a new side.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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