Tourmaline Meaning Guide – Colors, Symbolism, and Energetic Properties

Tourmaline holds a special place in the hearts of jewelers and stone lovers, as it is with this stone that all kinds of color combinations can be created, because it is represented by all the colors of the rainbow. Tourmaline properties are many, powerful meaning, metaphysical and healing, and are almost as varied as the colors of the stones. In this article, we invite you to learn more about the meaning of such an interesting stone as tourmaline.


This stone is known as the gem for sensitive poets and creative artists.



Tourmaline has long been said to travel on a rainbow, so it is no surprise that it comes in all of the rainbow’s colors.

This stone is known as the gem for sensitive poets and creative artists. Tourmaline has long been believed to inspire creativity and was widely used as a talisman by artists and writers from the Renaissance through to the Victorian era.


Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, with each color having its own meanings and effect on a person.

Black tourmaline. It can be deep black, but it can also have a hint of blue or brown. This stone is said to be able to reflect negative energy.

Pink tourmaline. A variety of tourmaline that used to be thought of as ruby. The pink color of the stone is a link to a person's emotions.

Red Tourmaline.A stone that is said to enhance inner strength and wisdom.

Purple tourmaline. The purple mineral is considered a stone of protection and tranquility.

Blue tourmaline. Varying in shade from a sky to a deep blue, sometimes having a green hue. Valued for the qualities of bringing tranquility and peace.

Green tourmaline. With colors ranging from pale green to olive green. The green tourmaline is considered healing for the heart.

Brown tourmaline. Covering a color variety from a deep, dark yellow through to dark brown. This mineral helps to restore balance and serenity.

Multicolored Tourmaline. An extremely rare variety of tourmaline, that displays triangular cross sections of pink, red, brown, blue, or a combination of these colors.

Watermelon tourmaline. A pink-colored crystal with a green outer edge. The stone's appearance resembles a slice of watermelon. This color variety of tourmaline can help in attracting money and friendship, as well as promoting compassion.



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Tourmaline has powerful healing and protective energies, and each variety of tourmaline has its own meaning and powers:

  • The significance of black tourmaline is based on its ability to provide protection and revitalize energy. It is recommended to carry this stone with you when you feel surrounded by negativity. It is great to use during a crisis or severe stress.

  • The meaning of pink tourmaline is based on its feminine nature, associated with the heart, love, and compassion. Pink tourmaline represents a love of people and humanity, it carries the power of unconditional love and friendship.

  • Green tourmaline is significant based on its ability to provide healing energy for the heart and core of the body. The green color of tourmaline represents vitality, prosperity, and growth. The vibrations of green tourmaline connect with the Earth, making the heart more receptive to love.

  • The meaning of blue tourmaline is based on the ability to live in harmony with others and the power of blue tourmaline enhances our connection with the natural environment. The stone also creates drive in achieving goals and is said to protect its wearer from danger.

  • The meaning of red tourmaline is based on the perfection of the heart and supreme love. As a result, red tourmaline is strongly associated with the energy of life force, giving vitality and a zest for life.

  • Brown tourmaline is considered a stone of transformation, capable of transforming energy from negative to positive.

  • Purple tourmaline is said to be a soothing, protective gem that frees the wearer from emotional attachments.

  • Multi-colored tourmaline is significant for its support in the development of self-confidence and understanding of one's path.

  • Watermelon tourmaline is considered a stone of reconciliation, helping its owner to understand other and develop ways to reconcile.



Tourmaline has many useful metaphysical and healing properties that are inherent across all of its individual varieties.


Tourmaline brings compassion and wisdom to human communication. It is said to promote flexible thinking and openness.

It is also said that tourmaline is perfect for people with broken hearts, as it dissipates emotional pain and dissolves destructive feelings, and can also soothe negative emotions that are the ruin of relationships.


Tourmaline will reward its owner with a strong nervous system and longevity, helping to maintain the appearance of youth with good health.

The constant wearing of jewelry with tourmaline allows you to speed up metabolic processes, increasing the blood flow and aiding in restoring strength.

In particular, green tourmaline helps strengthen the physical body, combating chronic fatigue and supporting the immune system. This mineral is also used to treat certain skin conditions, help to increase physical stamina, and alleviate migraines.


Pink tourmaline is said to be the birthstone for people who were born in October.

Green tourmaline is suitable for those born between April 20 and May 20.

Blue tourmaline can be considered the birthstone for people born between February 19 and March 19.


Green tourmaline is suitable for the heart chakra.

Black Tourmaline is used to direct energy from the crown chakra to the base chakra, balancing them.

Pink tourmaline brings benefits to the heart chakra, helping bring restoration and balance to this chakra.

Blue tourmalines are used for the throat chakra, facilitating communication.

Red tourmaline opens the path between the heart and base chakra, filling the body with energy and healing the heart chakra.

Tourmaline is a stone with an extensive array of color varieties that will suit everyone's taste. A stone that amazes and appeals to all, with tourmaline meanings and healing properties almost as varied as their color. Tourmaline is one of those minerals that will bring happiness and emotional support to anyone who owns it.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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