What Gemstones Go Well with Silver and Gold

Gold and silver are active metals that can have a significant effect on a person, as well as natural minerals. It happens that both of these metals are suitable for a person, or sometimes only one of them is suitable. At the same time, both gold and silver can be combined with certain stones. This depends on the color of the stone, as well as on its properties. The right combination of metal and mineral enhances the properties and gives your jewelry pleasant look. In this article, we'll tell you which gemstones go with gold and which go with silver. 


The right combination of metal and mineral enhances the properties and gives your jewelry pleasant look. 



1. Color harmony
The color of the metal and the color of the stone should match each other. For example, we do not recommend using too light or gray stones for silver, as the ring will look dull and there will be no color accent on it. It is worth noting that it often happens that seemingly incongruous colors look great. Of course, the skill of the jeweler and the designer works wonders.

2. The Jewel of the Stone
Very expensive stones, such as sapphires or diamonds, are more often used in gold jewelry. But silver jewelry with expensive stones can also be found on the market.


Silver is one of the most famous and precious metals that has been used for various purposes since ancient times. It is a unique metal that blends with almost any color of the stone. It is a versatile metal that suits almost every mineral. And due to its low cost, you can experiment and create a variety of interesting jewelry with this metal.


1. Moonstone
Moonstone is an incredibly attractive and beautiful mineral. This stone can be in many different shades, such as blue, pink, peach, and white. All these types are perfect when mounted in a silver setting. It is silver that visually enhances the effect of the glow inside the moonstone.It is also worth noting that silver makes the properties of the moonstone even more powerful. Moonstone enhances a person's intuition, helps in new endeavors, gives wisdom and prudence.

 2. Amethyst
Silver and amethyst work well together and are used to enhance the healing energy of amethyst. Amethyst has many healing properties, for example, it relieves headaches, helps to cope with sleep disorders, regulates blood circulation, and also helps to cope with hearing disorders.In addition, silver enhances the metaphysical properties of amethyst: it helps fight anxiety.

3. Topaz
Topaz in silver looks stunning. The cold blue hue of the stone is perfect when combined with the color of silver. In addition, silver with topaz is the perfect combination to strengthen your spirituality. According to ancient beliefs, it can bring wisdom to men and beauty to women.
Silver also enhances the powers of topaz. The topaz gives its wearer the power to influence people, helping to conduct negotiations, foresee the intentions of interlocutors, and uncover intrigues.

4. Iolite
Silver is the ideal metal for iolite. This is because iolite has a cool hue combined with silver. Iolite is interesting because it has a purplish hue, it becomes duller and grayish-yellow when viewed from a different angle. It may also appear light golden or honey-yellow when viewed from above.When used in combination with silver, iolite reveals its full therapeutic properties: it improves vision, stimulates memory, and helps with sleep imbalances. The stone also promotes clear thoughts, intuition, and self-acceptance.

5. Turquoise
When put side by side, the two noble materials, silver, and turquoise create wonderfully harmonious jewelry and also look noble and stylish. Turquoise is advised to wear those who suffer from insomnia and those who are plagued by nightmares. It is especially good for the heart, lungs, liver, and stomach. Turquoise strengthens eyesight, alleviates headaches, treats colds, and helps regenerate the skin. All of these properties of turquoise are particularly potent when this stone is near silver.

Also silver together with turquoise strengthens human spirituality, helps to find the true path.

6. Black Onyx
The stone has a deep black color that, when combined with silver, creates an austere look that goes well with business style, as well as such jewelry goes with almost any piece of clothing.
Onyx soothes the nervous system, helps to cope with depressive thoughts, and relieves nervous tension. These properties are especially active when onyx interacts with silver.



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Gold has not lost its relevance for many centuries. It is an active and very valuable precious metal. Stones that are on the opposite side of the color spectrum go well with gold. Gold goes well with stones in shades of green, such as emerald and green tourmaline. Brown or pastel-colored stones are also suitable. 


1. Moonstone
Moonstone combines perfectly not only with silver but also with gold. This stone has powerful energy and properties, and such an active metal as gold greatly enhances the energy of the mineral. Moonstone together with silver creates a very beautiful combination that reveals all the advantages of metal and stone.

2. Diamond
The diamond is the hardest mineral and also one of the most expensive stones in the world. Gold is the right setting for such a precious stone as it is more durable than silver. Gold jewelry with diamonds is exquisite. Such a combination is ideal for special pieces of jewelry like engagement or wedding rings.

3. Ruby
Gold and ruby are used together to make colorful and interesting jewelry. Dark, saturated rubies are better suited to gold jewelry. Additionally, gold enhances the properties of the ruby. For example, a ruby can bring inner peace, warmth, mutual understanding; it attracts happiness to its owner, protects from temptations, drives away gloom and melancholy, and heals the body and soul of its owner. Rubies are also said to heal chronic tonsillitis, joint diseases, digestive system, kidney, spine, and liver problems.

4. Emerald
Emerald is a rich green mineral that is expensive and very valuable. Aside from gold, emeralds are suitable for gold mounts, as it is a very durable metal. The emerald is also a perfect match for gold due to the fact that these colors are opposite on the color wheel.

5. Amber
Amber is the petrified resin of coniferous trees that grew on the earth about 40-50 million years ago. Amber is usually yellow but can also be green, white, or brown. There are expensive and interesting specimens with fossils inside. Such pieces are the most valuable, so they go well with a gold frame.

6. Chrysolite
Chrysolite is light greenstone, which is a talisman for strong and honest people, especially for those who are on their way to financial success. When combined with an expensive metal such as gold, the mineral further reveals its properties associated with good luck in financial matters.

In addition, the stone has a green hue that harmonizes with the color of gold.



Pink gold is a popular variety of gold that is quite often used in the manufacture of various jewelry. This metal does not have as bright a hue as yellow gold. It has a more subdued color. Rose gold jewelry is most often made with topaz, roux, or citrine. Pink and red stones are also suitable for rose gold, such as pink sapphires, rubies, or garnets. 

The choice of metal is always up to the individual; this is a personal preference. Some people like silver, some people like different shades of gold. It is important to pay attention to the compatibility of the metal with the stone and to find out before buying if the stone matches the specific metal. All this is the key to choosing a piece of jewelry that will actively manifest its properties and will look good in harmony.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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