What is moonstone

Moonstone has been capturing the hearts of people for centuries. It is truly unusual, beautiful, and magical. This stone is impossible not to notice among other stones because it stands out for its incredible glow inside, which is very similar to the moonlight. We invite you to find out what is moonstone, its history, and its type. 


Moonstone is the personification of moonlight, this stone is striking in its amazing beauty. It is not in vain that ancient peoples considered it a gift from above, used it as a talisman, and also considered moonstone a sacred and very strong stone. 


Physical properties of moonstone

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar. It is unique in that it shimmers and glows when light hits it. This effect is called the Schiller effect or adularescence. This effect is due to the structure of the mineral and the presence of copper in its composition. Moonstone has a hardness of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, which has 10 points overall. This means that the mineral is of medium hardness. Unfortunately, the stone is quite brittle and may break if handled carelessly. That is why we recommend that you treat your moonstone jewelry with care and do not expose it to great physical force. It is also a good idea to keep them in a box or pouch so that they are not scratched. 



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History of Moonstone

This amazing stone has been known to the world for centuries. There are many legends and myths about it. For example, in ancient Rome, it was believed that the stone was formed from solidified rays of moonlight, and in India, there is a legend that Lakshmi and Vishnu brought moonstone crystals to earth after receiving them as a gift from the moon.

At the beginning of the last century during the Art Nouveau era, the stone became iconic and was used as an accent stone. Unfortunately, the moonstone went out of fashion during the Art Deco period, but it became popular again in the 1960s. Its popularity continues to this day, and many jewelry brands use moonstone to produce different types of jewelry.

Varieties of moonstone

Moonstone is usually represented as a white and blue stone, but there are different kinds of this mineral.

1. Rainbow moonstone
This stone is usually white, but it has an interesting rainbow effect, which appears due to the adularescence. It looks very beautiful and attractive.

2. Blue Moonstone
The stone is transparent and has a blue hue of varying saturation. The most valuable stones are those with the brightest blue color.

3. Gray Moonstone
This variety of stones has a calm gray hue with a white or bluish glow inside. This stone combines well with silver.

4. White Moonstone
Moonstone white is interesting because it is quite uniform and has clear overtones throughout the stone.

5. Green Moonstone
This stone has a rather dense color, which at the same time lets in a good inner glow.

6. Peach Moonstone
The stone usually has a soft yellow or orange color with a yellow hue. There are other varieties of moonstone as well. Each of the stones has its charms. At the same time, each moonstone contains an incredible power that can change lives.


Varieties of moonstone

In addition to being very beautiful, moonstone has amazing properties. For example, this stone has the following metaphysical properties:

- Improves intuition
- Reduces fears associated with change
- Awakens feminine energy
- Helps to restore the emotional state
- Helps combat stressful conditions.

The therapeutic properties include:
- Improvement of digestion
- Normalization of the cardiovascular and nervous system
- Restoration of sleep
- Facilitation of childbirth and pregnancy.

Who is suitable for moonstone?

Moonstone is suitable for all women because it has a feminine energy and can reveal the real power and energy of every woman.In addition, this stone patronizes those who were born on a full moon or Monday (day of the moon).As a gift, the moonstone is excellent for married couples, as it is a stone of love and trust. It is also customary to give it on the 13th wedding anniversary. 

So what is moonstone? It is a real gift from the bowels of our planet. It has amazing soft properties, is incredibly beautiful, and also has a very powerful energy. This mineral always attracts the eye and charms, and definitely can not go unnoticed.  

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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