What is so special about moonstones?

Many people who have just learned about the world of crystals do not understand: what is so special about moonstones? It's simple: in addition to its incredible appearance, the stone has many metaphysical and healing properties, as well as a rich history and many traditions. In this article, we will reveal to you the main advantages and features of moonstone.


Moonstone is the only stone that has the effect of adularescence, that is, a special shimmering inside the stone that resembles an iridescent glow.


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Moonstone is the only stone that has the effect of adularescence, that is, a special shimmering inside the stone that resembles an iridescent glow. This effect is received due to the interaction between light and a layer of albite (small particles).

It is worth saying that because of this effect, no stone is alike, but each stone is unique and has its unique shine inside.

Varieties of moonstone also play a special role. For example, there are the following types: blue, gray, white, peach, pink, rainbow moonstone. Each of them has its characteristics and its charm. In our opinion, the rainbow moonstone is the most beautiful color, blue and shimmering with all the rainbow colors. The rainbow moonstone meaning is also deep.


Moonstone has a huge variety of properties. For example, it:

  • Helps in new beginnings;
  • Strengthens intuition and develops psychic abilities;
  • Clears the aura from negativity and helps get rid of bad thoughts;
  • Protects love relationships, helps to avoid quarrels;
  • Endows wisdom and prudence;
  • Relieves anger and anger, and helps to find peace.
There is also much to be said for the moonstone metaphysical meaning:
  • Helps eliminate problems with the nervous system;
  • Treats cardiovascular diseases;
  • Gets rid of bad dreams and makes you sleep better;
  • Helps with easy childbirth;
  • Helps in the harmonious functioning of the hormonal and reproductive systems.



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What is so special about moonstones?


Moonstone is a feminine mineral. Its energy is suitable for any woman. This mineral enhances femininity, gives confidence, and helps to balance feminine emotions. It also has an amazing ability to support and restore the work of natural energy cycles.

As already mentioned, the moonstone enhances intuition, especially for women, as many women are naturally endowed with a more developed intuition than men. This also applies to psychic abilities, the moonstone helps women gain the ability to clairvoyance.

The moonstone's surprising effect, which only a woman can experience, is its influence on the reproductive system. This is why the stone is often advised to be worn by women who are expecting a child. The stone also helps those who are just planning to become a mother. It has a particularly powerful effect before and during childbirth, helping to ease their course and promoting rapid recovery.


Moonstone has been known for a very long time; it has been valued for many centuries. And now people have not forgotten the ancient traditions and history of this stone.

The ancient Romans believed that the stone was sure to give its owner good luck, wealth, wisdom, and love.

In Indian culture, this stone is a stone of love, passion, and good luck, capable of controlling fate and helping to look into the future. Moonstone has long been reputed to inspire love.

In Greece, Moonstone was considered a gift of the Hyperboreans, who helped brave heroes to overcome impossible trials and hardships and to defeat dangerous enemies. It was called the "stone of the traveler," and it protected travelers from danger and trouble.

In ancient Eastern culture, Moonstone was considered a talisman that could be worn on Mondays to bring its owner good fortune.


Moonstone is a stone of ancient traditions; people have always believed in its special properties. It is a very powerful stone, capable of changing lives for the better. This mineral has incredible properties, for which it is considered a special one.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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