What to know before buying a ring

Rings are some of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Almost everyone wears rings, both every day and for special occasions. Countless jewelry stores offer a large selection of different rings. But what should you look for before you buy a ring? What do you need to know to make a ring add to your look? Here's a list of the most important things to know before you buy a ring: 


An important rule before buying a ring is to know your finger size. This is very important for online ring shopping, as you will not have the opportunity to measure your finger and choose the right size. 

1. Consider the ring design

Before you start looking for the best ring, try to imagine what it should be. This is a necessary step as sometimes it is very difficult to decide on the ring design when the person is already in a store or has favorites in online stores. It is better to think beforehand about the approximate style of the ring.

Ask yourself questions:
1) When will I wear the ring?
2) What size should it be (thin ring or thick)?
3) Will it be an everyday ring or a piece of jewelry for special occasions?

These questions can help you decide on a ring design. Of course, we don't exclude that often there are situations when a person starts shopping with one idea and buys a completely different product. 


2. Find out the size of the ring

An important rule before buying a ring is to know your finger size. This is very important for online ring shopping, as you will not have the opportunity to measure your finger and choose the right size.

We don't recommend going by the size of your old rings. It is better to take new measurements as the size may change over time.

To find out the correct ring size you should measure your finger in a jewelry shop or store. If this is not possible, you can purchase a special device to measure your finger at home.

3. Set a budget

In order not to be confused when buying, it is worth thinking in advance about how much you are willing to spend on the ring. The metal from which the ring will be made will depend on this. For example, gold is a more expensive metal than silver. If you have a clear budget, it will be easier to choose a ring. And will surely find the best option.

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4. Consider different stones

It is recommended that you research the stone options that you like before buying. There is a huge selection of stones, each with different physical, metaphysical and healing properties. Therefore, it is worth researching the properties of the stone you prefer beforehand. It is worth knowing that each stone has a hardness that directly affects its longevity. Knowing about the stones, you will be able to select the best options for your rings.

It is also recommended to learn about stone cut options as well as stone shapes. If you will be ordering a ring from an online store, you will be able to set up filters and find the shape and cut of the stone you want.

5. To think of a plan of action

We also recommend that at the stage of selection you think about what kind of policy the store has about returns and repair of rings. For example, you get a ring and it doesn't quite fit your size. Usually, stores offer options for exchanging the ring for the right size. It is worth learning about these rules beforehand so you can be sure that there is a way out of the situation. 


There are many things to consider before you buy a ring so you can be confident in your choice. Each ring purchase is a special process, sometimes exciting, sometimes spontaneous. The main thing is to make the process fun. It is also important to choose so that the ring is a part of your image it complements your style. 

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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