What are the birthstones of August and September?

Leo: Onyx

July 23 to August 23

Onyx: This is associated with qualities such as warmhearted, creative, loving, generous, faithful, expansive, broad-minded and enthusiastic. It helps ward off the projection of qualities like bossy, pompousness, dogmatic, patronizing, intolerant and interfering.

Onyx is a stone that gives strength. It enhances stamina, being steadfast and vigor. It also helps you feel comfortable in your environment and boosts your confidence.

Jewelry Ideas from BlackTreeLab: We have the “Black Horse” ring made using Balck Onyx.



Virgo: Carnelian

August 24 to September 22

Carnelian projects qualities like being practical, meticulous, modest, reliable, diligent, analytical, shy and intelligent. It wards off qualities such as worrying, harsh, fussy, conservative, overcritical and perfectionism.

Jewelry Idea from BlackTreeLab: The “Mongolian Veld” earrings and ring.