Which Crystal Jewels Should Not Be Kept Together?

Natural stones can do a lot of good, they can seriously affect and change your life for the better. But, unfortunately, some minerals lose their properties and energy when interacting with other minerals. Such stones should never be combined and used together. In this article, we will tell you about such minerals and why they should not be combined.


If you love gemstone jewelry, it's important to know which crystals can be combined together, and which are not. 



Incompatible minerals are those that neutralize, or on the contrary, overly enhance the properties and actions of each other. Such minerals, as a rule, are not very harmful to the person, but they also do not bring benefits. In other words, such stones have no active properties.

The main reason is that some stones can not work together, their beneficial properties are suppressed and they stop radiating healing energy. Some minerals do not harmonize together, it has a bad effect on the harmonious state of a person.

It is worth noting that there is no definitive list of incompatible minerals. This is because there are a huge number of combinations of minerals.


1. Clear quartz and stones with powerful properties

Quartz amplifies the energy of minerals nearby, so it is not recommended for use with strong minerals. For example, moonstone has powerful soothing properties, and quartz will amplify moonstone. It will turn out that you simply will not have enough energy. Or, for example, if you use quartz with citrine, you will get, on the contrary, too much energy, which will prevent you from concentrating on one thing.

2. Lace agate and red jasper

Blue lace agate relaxes and allows one to slow down, while red jasper is used to increase vitality. Therefore, these stones should not be used together, they will neutralize each other's effects.

3. Smoky Quartz and Tiger Eye

 Smoky quartz protects its owner from excessive energy that can harm him. This stone suits people who are very active in life and sometimes need to rest and relax.At the same time, the tiger's eye is a mineral that gives a person a lot of energy and courage. It is not recommended to wear these two stones together because they have opposite meanings. One of them tries to give you energy, while the other, on the contrary, reduce it.

4. Pure quartz and green aventurine

These stones are incompatible because of the difference in action: the first stone gives you strength, while the second soothes and relaxes you.

5. Amazonite and tiger's eye

Amazonite is often used for problems with insomnia. It helps you sleep well at night and fall asleep quickly. At the same time, tiger's eye combined with amazonite will not allow for a restful sleep, a person may even have prolonged trouble sleeping. 



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The following crystals are almost always compatible:

• Crystals with the same crystal structure
For example, you can combine two stones with a cubic structure or stones with a hexagonal structure together.

• Stones with the same or similar properties, uses, and values
Always research the properties of the stones you want to combine. This will help you find the most compatible minerals that will complement each other.

• Minerals with the same zodiac signs or planetary associations

• Stones of the same or compatible color

As a rule, stones of the same color are compatible in energy and can be worn together. But it is better to check their properties and compatibility. For example, garnet and ruby are not compatible, though they have the same shade.
Often stones of opposite colors are just as well-matched in energy.

• A stone of the same mineral group.
For example, the stones of the quartz family work well together.

• Same elements
You can combine stones according to the elements, that is, water, fire, air, earth. For example, when you combine these air stones, they will promote a positive change in your way of thinking.


Minerals are a powerful way to gain spirituality and manifest desires. It is important to choose the right minerals very consciously and to combine them even more carefully so that you do not lose the properties and energy of your favorite stones.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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