Ganesh is one of the powerful gods of Hinduism, well loved and admired by millions of people around the world.

Depicted as an elephant headed man, Ganesh is recognized for supplying wisdom and prosperity to all his adherents.

The elephant head is a potent symbol of the wisdom and ingenuity that flows from the god.

He is also known as the god of luck and good fortune who bestows them on people, while eliminating obstacles to their growth and progress.

If you are desirous of experiencing these things in your life, then a good way to start is by carrying a symbol of this god around you.

At BlackTree collection, the “Lord Ganesh”, an eponymous sterling silver pendant carrying two attached yellow tourmaline gemstones is one of our favorite jewelry pieces symbolizing Ganesh.

Another is the Ganesh pendant, a sterling silver pendant emblazoned with the image of the Ganesh on it.