Isis was reverently known as the goddess of divine healing in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Popularly referred to as the express image of divine femininity, she earned her reputation as being ultimately devoted to supporting humanity through the use of nature and magic.

Because of her feminine nature, which showed in her compassion and love for women, many women throughout history have paid homage and brought tribute to her.

Wearing a symbol of this great goddess is one way of honoring her now and this will inevitably lead to seeing her blessings on flow down on you.

She is credited with offering protection during childbirth to prevent stillbirths and miscarriages.

At BlackTreeLab, one of our favorite symbols of this goddess is the ring “Goddess Isis”, a sterling silver labradorite ring adorned with two garnets on the sides.

Handcrafted by our master jeweler, it is a testament to poise and panache.