Green Agate is a lovely translucent green stone that dates back several thousand years ago. Its color already positions it as a crystal that helps in the replenishing and rejuvenation of life.

This crystal doesn’t just have the spiritual power of green, it combines it with the resistance and hardiness of the Agate stone.

Creating a gemstone that has great healing and curative powers, especially in the areas of physical and emotional illnesses.

It also helps to improve creativity and innovation of everyone within the homing radius of the wearer and its sturdy agate backbone has been indicated as a potent source of strength,

stability and courage need to win in the modern day boardroom battles of today. That’s why many CEO’s and Captains of Industry wear green agate as a status symbol every day.

A prime example is the Sterling Silver Green Agate Ring “Fay” that is commonly worn as an engagement or wedding ring.


Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.