For thousands of years, Iolite has been able to enthrall the minds of designers, jewelers and fashion forward people who have looked to this gemstone to be an inspiration in their everyday life.

Iolite is thoroughly light intensive and will show off different colors whenever you view it from alternate angles – making it a perfect example for jewel pieces.

Iolite was previously known as the Viking’s Compass because of its legendary ability to help sailors navigate the complex maze of the Atlantic. Some of the additional benefits of Iolite include its ability to:

  • Enhance creativity and genius in the mind
  • Sharpen the memory
  • Help overcome sleep imbalances
  • Protect travelers and help wanderers see a path home
  • Improves the hormonal cycle
  • Sustains the expression of the true self

We have consciously engraved Iolite in some on our rings to help retain its natural powers and make you the envy of the world around you.


Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.