The Tiger Totem is highly revered and respected as a symbol of speed, strength and great endurance, and if the tiger is your spirit animal, then you should wear its badge with honor and pride.

The Tiger totem represents an innate trust in one’s intuition and senses, great strength of willpower and personal courage to go through terrifying situations without backing down. 

The tiger never backs down from a fight but operates from a place of power and patience, waiting for the right time to strike a deathly blow to its opponents.

Some benefits of the Tiger Totem:

  • Gives strength and energy to the owner;
  • Helps in time management and decision making;
  • Promotes confidence and independence. 

At BlackTree Collection, one of our favorite pieces that carry the Tiger Totem is “Sumatra”, a Sterling Silver Tiger’s Eye Ring, created by us to give its owner an intense feel of what the power of a tiger is.