Viscose is a fabric that can be made to feel like silk, linen, or wool. It all depends on how it’s woven.

Besides the fact that viscose is light, durable, hypoallergenic and made from natural raw materials, EcoVero viscose also complies with the principles of sustainability. The production of its fibers results in 50% less emissions and water impact than generic viscose, as well as half the CO2 emissions and fossil resources used by the industry average.

Viscose is soft and smooth: our dress Adri is made with this fabric to create the beautiful "silky" sheen you see. 

Another advantage of viscose is that it doesn't generate static electricity.

When you shop products from EcoVero Viscose, you can be sure that your fashion choices are stylish as well as environmentally conscious.


Viscose is a temperamental fabric that requires careful laundering. Hand wash it in cold or slightly warm water with mild, natural detergents that are suitable for viscose products dyed with plants. Iron on the silk setting, if possible.