Pentagram Pendant "Pente Magna" with Amethyst Chrysolite


The “Pente Magna” is a Pentagram Pendant made out of 925 Sterling Silver  with Amethyst and Chrysolite gemstones. It has oxidized finishing on silver, which gives it antique look.

The “Pente Magna” pendant will serve as a strong protection amulet for his owner. It also shows the love to nature, and the lizard on it, as well as flowers and leaves prove it. 

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Oxidized finishing
  • Natural Amethyst
  • Amethyst diameter: 5 mm
  • Natural Chrysolite
  • Chrysolite diameter: 4mm
  • Pendant diameter: 3.4cm

This Pentagram pendant will be custom made. Please allow around 15 business days for producing this pendant from the date of your order. Due to the handmade work and natural origin of the stones, each piece is unique and may slightly vary.
Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

The Pentagram is not just another fad or creative design, it is a very potent amulet for providing protection and safety against the forces of evil.

This symbolism has an inherent ability to cast a web of safety over its environment.

The Pentagram draws powerful life force from the 5 Points of nature – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the Divine Spirit.

The Pentagram is also renowned for helping connect people to the divine essence of nature. It is this connection that provides the greatest protection from natural elements being used to harm you.

When you are in danger and need safety, simply touch your pentagram and watch it offer help.

The main reasons to wear the Pentagram are the following:

  • A Talisman protecting from bad spirits and bad luck;
  • The Pentagram made out of Sterling Silver links the owner to the Moon and Psychic energies, and enhances abilities;
  • It shows your love to nature.

One of our finest pieces at BlackTree Collection that carry the Pentagram is the “Pente Magna” a Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant with two Amethyst and Chrysolite jewels attached. Another example - is the "Pentagram" Sterling Silver Ring with Natural Moonstone. 

If your spirit animal is a lizard, then you need to constantly carry around its symbol or a lizard totem around.

The lizard totem is notable for its flexibility, agility, ability to adapt under any situation, cleverness, speed and being able to regenerate any part of its body that has been cut off.

If you are desirous of seeing such qualities show forth for you, carrying around a visual symbol of the lizard is very much a great idea.

Facing situations that will need you able to move quickly on your feet and dodge bullets? Then this is the perfect totem for you.

At BlackTree Lab, one of our outstanding pieces that celebrate what the lizard stands for is the sterling silver amethyst  pendant named “Salamander”.

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Customer Reviews

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Juls McLaughlin
The pendant is absolutely stunning, it's t...

The pendant is absolutely stunning, it's the perfect size and its just beautiful

Luna Crist
The pentagram pendant is absolutely beauti...

The pentagram pendant is absolutely beautiful not too big or too small and the details were wonderful. I highly recommend. The pendant didn't come with a chain but the loop is perfect size to make your own. contacting the artist was very quick and insightful and very pleasant.

Hnellz Welch
absolutely in love with this pendant, it i...

absolutely in love with this pendant, it is so perfect, even more beautiful in person!!

Hnellz Welch
absolutely in love with this pendant, it i...

absolutely in love with this pendant, it is so perfect, even more beautiful in person!!

Ariadna Shields
Nice size, great detail , Its a piece tha...

Nice size, great detail ,
Its a piece that stands out!

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