Sterling Silver Amethyst Pendant "Morrigan"


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"Morrigan" is a pendant that brings to a meeting point the forces of the pentagram, the owl totem and beautiful amethyst gemstone. This combination is an explosion of dynamic power to change things through wisdom and strength.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Oxidized finishing
  • 5 natural faceted Amethyst
  • Pendant length is 4.5 cm

The sterling silver pendant is sold without a cord. This pendant will be custom made. Please allow around 15 business days for producing this pendant from the date of your order. Due to the handmade work and natural origin of the stones, each piece is unique and may slightly vary.

The Owl has always been associated with wisdom, great intuition and an extraordinary sense of judgment. And all these are characters and traits that the Owl totem bring to bear in an individual.

A conscious reminder of the wisdom and strategy of the owl is very needful when one needs to make an important decision in business or relationships.

The owl totem is also a poignant reminder of our need to be true to our deepest selves as no one can successfully deceive the owl.

The Owl is also a gatekeeper to other realms, hence its common appearance inn dreams at night, so if you are desirous of a next level visitation to other realms,

then you should cultivate a deeper relationship with this animal, and a very effective way of doing that is by getting an Owl totem.

The Owl is one of the favorite symbols of our creator, so we have a large selection of pendants and rings with this wisest night bird.

The Pentagram is not just another fad or creative design, it is a very potent amulet for providing protection and safety against the forces of evil.

This symbolism has an inherent ability to cast a web of safety over its environment.

The Pentagram draws powerful life force from the 5 Points of nature – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the Divine Spirit.

The Pentagram is also renowned for helping connect people to the divine essence of nature. It is this connection that provides the greatest protection from natural elements being used to harm you.

When you are in danger and need safety, simply touch your pentagram and watch it offer help.

The main reasons to wear the Pentagram are the following:

  • A Talisman protecting from bad spirits and bad luck;
  • The Pentagram made out of Sterling Silver links the owner to the Moon and Psychic energies, and enhances abilities;
  • It shows your love to nature.

One of our finest pieces at BlackTree Collection that carry the Pentagram is the “Pente Magna” a Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant with two Amethyst and Chrysolite jewels attached. Another example - is the "Pentagram" Sterling Silver Ring with Natural Moonstone. 


Customer Reviews

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Matilda (Brisbane, AU)

The pendant is so beautiful, the detailing is amazing and the quality is fantastic. I bought it for my partner as a birthday gift and they absolutely loved it and wear it every day. Excellent customer service also. My partner gave me some rings from here for Christmas and they are perfect too. Thanks again :)

Ravenlion Braun
This pendant is so well made, it is strong...

This pendant is so well made, it is strong. The tight working of the metal will withstand the test of time if not a mythic battle. I jest and I really love it, it's exquisite even with the sapphires. Thank you

Ariadna Shields
I love it , Its beautiful and very detai...

I love it ,
Its beautiful and very detailed.


I love it ,Its beautiful and very detailed.

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