10 most common mistakes every girl makes when buying jewelry

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10 most common mistakes every girl makes when buying jewelry

10 Most Common Mistakes Every Girl Makes When Buying Jewelry

Every girl has at least once bought jewelry and knows that this is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Various pitfalls can lead to mistakes. In this article, we will tell you the main mistakes people make when buying jewelry and how to avoid them.


No matter how beautiful a ring looks in a store window or photo, the wrong ring size can ruin everything. 

1. Choosing The Wrong Ring Size

No matter how beautiful a ring looks in a store window or photo, the wrong ring size can ruin everything. Even a slight difference in size can play a cruel trick, so it's crucial to choose the right size beforehand. You should not be guided by the size that you once had, also it would be unwise to guess the size. After all, everything is very individual.

If you purchase while in the store, be sure to measure the ring to be sure of the correct size. It is also worth considering the individual characteristics of your hands. Some people tend to have swollen fingers in the morning and evening, as well as in hot weather. Be sure to consider these factors when selecting the right ring size.

 If you are shopping online, simply measure at home with a special device. We recommend taking several measurements at different times of the day. You can also go to a jewelry shop where they will quickly take your measurements and tell you the correct ring size. 


2. Price-Quality Mismatch

Often girls see a beautiful ring or another piece of jewelry and immediately buy it. However, buying jewelry (especially expensive ones) is a serious matter that requires careful thought and verification. Some unscrupulous sellers sell low-quality jewelry for a rather high price. They count only on the fact that the girls are seduced by the shine of stones and the shine of metal and won’t ask about the composition of the metal and the origin of the stone.

We recommend you not rush to buy the product you like and to learn the metal composition of the jewelry, the stone composition, whether it’s natural or lab-grown.

Look carefully at the decoration in a good light, whether there are any defects. Only after you are convinced of the quality of the jewelry, you can buy it.

3. Insufficient material verification

Before making a purchase, not everyone checks the metal of which the jewelry is made. It is necessary to know the composition of the metal. For example, silver is only 92.5% pure silver, and other metals make 7.5%. It is important to make sure that the 7.5% does not include metals that you are allergic to. 

4. Ignoring the ethics of production

Few people think about this, but the production of jewelry is not always ethical. For example, does the seller know the conditions under which the stones for the jewelry were mined, as well as whether the working conditions of the craftsmen who make the jewelry are ethical? It is advisable to find out all this beforehand so that you can be sure that you are not involved in an unethical business. 

5. Inappropriate product style 

An important prerequisite for your jewelry is how well its design fits your overall style. For example, if you choose a chic ring, yet you don't have the right outfits for it, it will probably just stay in your jewelry box. So choose something that you know exactly what to wear with, otherwise, it will just be something you show off at your house.

6. Not checking out the store

People often tend to make quick and impulsive purchases that they may regret later. In such a rush, you can miss an important step of checking the store where you are going to buy the jewelry. Such verification includes looking at customer reviews, looking at photos of products, talking to the salesperson, and looking at the store's policies. Once you are confident in the store, you can make the purchase. 

7. Choosing a store without a guarantee

It is again about impulse purchases when buyers forget to clarify the information about the guarantee of the jewelry. This is a very important point, as jewelry is bought for a long time and there is always a probability of its breakage. It is important to be able to have the product repaired under warranty if there is any problem.

8. Lack of knowledge of the characteristics of the jewelry pieces

Some stones are very beautiful, but they have their peculiarities which you should know about before you buy them. For example, it is worth knowing that fluorite, chrysolite, kyanite, obsidian, and other stones do not have the highest hardness, so they are especially worth protecting from knocks and falls.

Also, opals, for example, may significantly change their color due to an imbalance of water in them. Pearls, on the other hand, can be tarnished by exposure to chemicals. If you know all this beforehand, you can choose minerals that are better for you or you can eliminate factors that can damage the stone. 

9. Buying from chain stores

Here we will talk about the cheap chain stores where you can buy quite inexpensive products. Some people willingly go to these stores to buy several cheap products instead of one quality product. We believe that this is wrong because such products have a short life span, and they often lack quality and durability. The best solution is to choose a really good store for your budget and buy a much better quality piece of jewelry there, made with heart. 

10. Choosing boring jewelry

It happens that girls choose the same jewelry year after year without following fashion trends. Sometimes this refers to individual style, but it also happens that a person is afraid to step up and buy what they really want. Before buying, we recommend researching current trends and thinking about how this can be correlated with your taste.

There are so many factors to consider before buying jewelry. You can treat it as interesting information that will come in handy throughout your life. After all, we all make purchases of such indispensable parts of the image as jewelry. 

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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