5 Gems That Go Well With Moonstone

Moonstone is a mineral belonging to the feldspars, it can can occur in many different colors, but the most famous are the blue or rainbow moonstone. This mineral has long been known for its positive impact on women, including their health and spiritual condition. Also, moonstone is great for creative people. Although, these are not the only advantages of this extraordinary and magical stone.

Today we are not going to talk about the moonstone, but about the stones that can be combined with it. Often, people choose to wear not only one type of jewelry, but several. They may wear multiple different stones at once, and we must consider what stones go well together.

So, here we present 5 stones that will be perfect to combine with a moonstone:


Knowing which stones combine well with the moonstone, you will be able to choose the right jewelry with different stones, as well as a single item that has several stones.


Merlinite is a type of dendritic opal, its color varies from dark gray to bluish black, although sometimes black and white samples can be found. It is interesting that at present, this mineral is mined only in one place on the planet - in a mine in New Mexico.

Merlinite with its properties is very similar to moonstone, because it attracts good luck in life, and also develops intuition and spirituality. It is said that this stone provides access to the highest spiritual energy. Just like moonstone, it enhances creativity and is suitable for people who have devoted themselves to creativity. These two stones with similar properties will definitely combine to create even more effect and reinforce one another.

Merlinite is also a strong spiritual stone with a vibration of duality, which means that it will help you balance the male and female energy within yourself. The combination of moonstone and merlinite creates an even greater balance of male and female energy.



Golden-yellow labradorite is a kind of rock with irisation, i.e. iridescent radiance. This optical property gives the stone volume and a richness in texture. It is as if the stone comes to life and changes under the influence of different light sources. Golden-yellow labradorite is also attributed a number of magical properties, as when looking at a polished stone, a person feels a natural admiration from the play of light, as if radiated by a mineral glow.

Harmonization of female and male abilities is what you will receive from a combination of moonstone and the golden-yellow labradorite. It is also one of the best combinations to improve sleep, digestion and metabolism.

This combination of stones has an intense, but gentle energy. Labradorite, like moonstone, is ideal for women who feel emotionally unbalanced. The vibrations of these crystals will provide a wide level of protection from any bad energy and negativity.


Rose quartz is a pink colored mineral. The stone has no saturated color, but a delicate pink hue, glass shine, and semitransparency. Pink quartz is simply pink, and milky pink with white veins. There are also starry rose quartzes in nature, which, after treatment, have a shining six-pointed radiant "star" inside.

Paired with the moonstone, rose quartz awakens deep emotions and psychic abilities. Both stones are associated with a sense of love, so it is recommended to wear them together; they will contribute to your harmonious state, inner peace, sense of meaning and love for yourself.


Sunstone is a type of feldspar, shimmering with golden and orange shades, for which the stone got its name. Mostly, sunstone comes in different shades of yellow, orange, and red, but there are also gray and green specimens with shining inclusions. Some specimens of sunstone have a particularly strong cat's eye effect, i.e. the iridescent stripe on the stone's surface.

Moonstone together with sunstone is a very powerful combination, because moonstone activates and enhances female energy, and sunstone awakens strength, passion and purposefulness. These stones will help you find the best combination to achieve balance.



Amethyst is the most expensive type of quartz. The mineral has a purple hue and transparency with a glassy or pearlescent luster. Inclusions in amethyst crystals will appear as fluid bands, and less often there may be gray hematite plates or brownish goethite needles.

Moonstone together with amethyst is a perfect combination for those who have trouble sleeping. This combination helps those who have problems with sleep to recover and rest. These two stones, one might say, help people forget about insomnia and restless sleep. Also, amethyst and moonstone get rid of negative and intrusive dreams, helping you to deal with subconscious experiences, and can even help you in experiencing a conscious dream, in which you will understand that you are sleeping.



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So, knowing which stones combine well with the moonstone, you will be able to choose the right jewelry with different stones, as well as a single item that has several stones. We hope that you will find the best combination for you and enjoy the unique properties of moonstone in its various combinations with other minerals. Read our article Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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