Sterling Silver and 14K Gold «Stargaze» Ring with Sunstone

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Sterling Silver and 14K Gold «Stargaze» Ring with Sunstone, Moonstone, and Diamonds


The Stargaze ring is our special Sun and Moon style ring made out of 925 Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold. It is encrusted with three natural stones – natural sunstone, natural rainbow moonstone, and three diamonds on the side.

The centerpiece of “Stargaze” is a handcrafted sun made out of 14K yellow gold while the other parts of the ring are made out of 925 Sterling Silver. There is a natural sunstone in the center of the Gold Sun. The Natural Rainbow Moonstone represents the Moon, making this ring a good example of Celestial Jewellery. 

The Stargaze ring incorporates the incredible spiritual benefits of sunstone, moonstone, and diamonds.

While moonstone is known to promote creativity and genius, sunstone is admired for its ability to infuse joy into the darkest corners of the mind in times of despair, and diamonds help you feel more in tune with the spiritual dimension.

On the side of the ring, there is a comet, symbolizing the incessant circulation of all elements of the Universe. The final stage of the evolution of a star, as a rule, is a huge dazzling explosion. An innumerable myriad of fragments become the basis of future comets, which form the new planets in the different parts of the Galaxy after billions of years.

A comet carries natural diamonds. These minerals were used for a reason. After all, they consist of crystalline carbon, and this is the basis of life on Earth. But for this element, which is the basis of all organic molecules, life on Earth would be impossible.

Here, we see an allegory – a comet carries the primary element on its tail – in order to create life on planet Earth. We couldn’t do without a sacred element in this process. After all, there are three diamonds, referring to the sacred number three and the Trinity existing in different cultures, which is clearly an indication of the fusion of matter and spirit at the moment of creation.

However, life could not have appeared and developed without two main luminaries in the world of people, the sun and the moon. The energy of the Sun ensures the existence of life on Earth, and the Moon supports the stability of our world. The sun is the oldest cosmic symbol known to all nations, the source of life, God himself. The moon is a symbol of the cyclical rhythm of time, immortality, eternity, and constant renewal. In most traditions, the Sun is the universal Father, while the Moon is the Mother.

In addition to diamonds, two natural stones are used in the ring: Moonstone, representing the Moon, and Sunstone, representing the Sun. This choice is clear.
In addition to the similarity of appearance with the same-named luminaries, these stones are traditionally considered to be their symbols. Sunstone contains solar (masculine) energy, while Moonstone has moon (feminine) energy. These stones have many benefits and have a positive effect on the person.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Oxidized Finishing
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • Gemstones: natural Sunstone, natural Rainbow Moonstone, 3 natural diamonds
  • Sunstone size: 6mm diameter
  • Moonstone size: 2.5mm diameter
  • Diamonds size: 1.5mm diameter
  • The Carat weight of each Diamond is  0.015 ct.

 This Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Natural Moonstone, Sunstone, and the Diamond ring will be custom made in your size. Please allow around 15 business days for producing this ring from the date of your order. Due to the handmade work and natural origin of the stones, each piece is unique and may slightly vary.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Moonstone is not your regular precious stone. Beloved for its brilliant similarity to the moon.

Moonstone has been revered for thousands of years by jewelers and master craftsmen as a highly sacred jewel with a distinctive sheen that reflects a variety of colors and hues.

Moonstone is the stone of the mother moon and it is known for its many healing properties, among which include:

  • Removing negativity and ill will from the bearer
  • Balancing hormones in the body
  • Promoting creativity, genius and intuition
  • Promoting peace and harmony in the home
  • Calming the mental faculties and lowering levels of stress, anxiety and worry
  • Protecting travelers from harm and danger
  • Helps men tone down the aggressive nature
  • Bringing healing and calm energy to the mind of the wearer.

Many of our jewels combine the natural healing properties of the moonstone with precious metals to give you a sophisticated look resplendent with good energy.

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Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Do you have a sensitive spirit, and you want to be kept safe from the toxicity and negativity that the world releases every day? Then you must get the sunstone in your jewelry collection.

The sunstone is sunscreen for the spirit. This crystal gives off a bright and sunny glow and has a penchant to give off shades like orange, gold and red, in a stunning glitterati of colors.

Sunstone is also known as goldstone or the joyful stone because of its ability to infuse joy into the darkest corners of the mind in seasons of great despair.

Other sunstone benefits include: 

  • gives warmth, openness and kindness to the mind;
  • boosts inspiration and creativity;
  • helps to solve problems.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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Absolutely magical. So, sooo beautiful. The wait was worth it as they are custom made to your size. I finally own my "dream ring"!!!! Thank you so much! :)

The ring is gorgeous. Extremely happy with...

The ring is gorgeous. Extremely happy with the stones and craftsmanship and overall look and design. Only unfortunate part was the shipping took way longer than both the Etsy estimated delivery date and the sellers estimated arrival. The seller didn’t ship the day they said they originally would, so it didn’t make it in time for our wedding, but we still love it.

A very beautiful piece of jewelry, the des...

A very beautiful piece of jewelry, the design is absolutely stunning and magical. The only thing that was a bit different than the example on the etsy page is the three diamonds on the side are not as set as beautifully on my ring.

Furthermore there are small discrepancies with the example, but that i really like, it makes the ring unique, and the sunstone with the golden setting is just mesmerizing. I can look at this ring all day!

Thanks so much for this wonderful piece.

Breathtaking 🥺🥺💜💜

Breathtaking 🥺🥺💜💜

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