5 ways to wear a moonstone ring

Moonstone is amazing, for several thousand years it has been capturing the hearts of people with its beauty and uniqueness. It is as if it reflects the light of the moon, expressing it in a beautiful glow. Rings with moonstones are becoming more and more popular every year, as this stone has excellent properties and helps people to stay in harmony. In this article, we will look at several ways to use moonstone rings.


Moonstone is ideal to wear on the ring finger of the left hand, as this finger is believed to translate earth and water energy.


1. Minimalism

For a ring that is versatile and suited to any of your looks, you can choose a fairly simple ring with a beautiful moonstone. Such a ring will not distract much from your look, while still creating completeness and necessary addition.

 A moonstone is ideal for minimalist rings, as it has a dim color and a subtle glow. Such a ring does not necessarily have to be small, it can also be large enough. The main thing is that it should not have too many distracting details and a very complex design. Then it will match the concept of minimalism.



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5 ways to wear a moonstone ring

2. Unusual Moonstone

For a ring to look unusual and interesting, you can choose a moonstone in a rare shade. Often, rings with blue or iridescent moonstones are sold in stores. Pay attention to moonstones of other colors as well: pink, white, peach, gray, and yellow. These stones also have adularescence (glow and shimmer), so you don't have to worry about the stone losing its charm.

Also, rings with raw moonstones have become very popular. They can have different shapes and inclusions. These stones look very unusual and stylish. Y

ou can pay attention to moonstones with a cat's eye or starry sky effect. These stones will cost more, but they are very beautiful and attractive.

3. Ring Application

A ring with a large moonstone will draw attention and make a statement. For such a ring, it is better to choose a large stone with a beautiful glow. The presence of natural inclusions will not spoil the stone, on the contrary, it will emphasize its individuality and natural origin.

A ring with a complex and interesting design that can be looked at and found new meanings in it will look great as a statement ring.

The statement ring must be the most striking accessory in your image, then it will perform its main function. For this purpose, use small and simple pieces as additional jewelry.

4. As an accent in the image

A moonstone ring can also be worn as an accent to your look. Although a moonstone is not a bright stone, it can attract attention just as much as a gemstone. For example, a moonstone ring will stand out against a black dress or other dark clothing. It will also be a complement to lighter things, creating a delicate look.

If you use a moonstone ring as accent jewelry, try to make sure that other jewelry also matches the style of the ring, and the accent should remain exactly on the ring.


5. Combination with a brighter stone

Moonstone is also very beautiful when combined with other stones. Sometimes a combination with another stone helps to bring out it's potential more and enhance its adularescence.

For example, a favorable combination of moonstone and rose quartz. Rose quartz is a stone with very gentle energy, which opens your heart, showing sensitivity, and moonstone helps to harmonize the sides of life, making the energy of a person soft and light. Instead, they complement and enhance each other's properties. Amethyst is also suitable for the moonstone, being a stone that develops intuition, spirituality, and creative energy of a person. Together with the moonstone, amethyst can reveal you're true potential.

A moonstone ring is a perfect choice for any occasion. After all, the moonstone is so versatile that it can be minimalist as well as create an effect and make a statement. It all just depends on your preferences and desires. Let the amazing moonstone take an important place in your jewelry collection. Read our Article Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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