Benefits Of Rainbow Moonstone and How To Take Care and Wear


Moonstone is a relatively soft Gemstone, and it falls around 6/10 Mohs . Due to this factore, Moonstone should be worn very carefully every time, avoiding damages and touching other surfaces that can lead to scratches and even gemstone crack. 

If you want to wear a Moonstone every day, be sure that it's fixed securely into the jewelry and it's better to avoid any physical activity every time you wear it. 

To get the most benefits from Rainbow Moonstone, wearing it in the Sterling Silver ring is the best way. Even Astrology recommends that Moonstone is best worn on the small finger of the right hand.

After you have worn the Moonstone silver ring for four days, you will begin to notice the ring has positive effects on your body and mind. These effects can last for up to 2 years after which you are advised to change it to a new Moonstone.

You may find it hard to wear a Moonstone ring every day. What you can do is to take a break and temporarily wear it only early on Monday morning and during the Full Moon.



Moonstone is one of the Ancient Gemstones in the world. Thousands of years ago our ancestors noticed unique Moonstone benefits and its connection with the Moon. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Indians appreciated Moonstone and considered it as a source of feminine energy and love and treated it as a gemstone of peace and good dreams at night. 

Today Moonstone is widely used in jewelry and as separate crystals at home because of its incomparable benefits it can give to its wearer.

  • Emotional Balance

Calming Energy of Moonstone heals emotional traumas and brings balance to the person's life. It calms down emotions and strengthens good relationships with people around. 

  • Physical Effects

Moonstone helps to normalise all rhythms of biological clocks, and makes the wearer's body to utilise all natural forces and live according to nature cycles. 

It eliminates toxics, treats disorders in digestive systems, and also regenerates cells of skin, hair and has good benefits on eyes.  It's not a secret that it's very beneficial for reproductive system of women, and for fighting with any reproductive issues. 

  • Increase Feminine Energy

Due to its direct connection with the Moon, Moonstone enhances Feminine and the Kundalini Energy and reveals Women power in every woman. For men, Moonstone also helps to become more in-tune. And for everyone it develops intuition. That's why it's widely used among Healers and Shamans. 

  • Calming Effects

Moonstone is well know for its calming energy. It's also very recommendable for calming children. 

  • Deep Sleep

It drives away nightmares and promotes good sleep. In Ancient China it was also used to fight with sleepwalking. 

  • Stone of Love

Moonstone is one of the popular gemstones in engagement rings today. And there is at least one good reason for this. Even in Ancient India Moonstone was a traditional gift, and they believed that this way they promote love and peace in the future marriage. 



Check our “How to Care” page to know how to clean Moonstone physically.

If you want to clean your Moonstone on a vibration level, wash it under running water, e.g., in the river (ocean and sea water is dangerous for oxidized finishing). The energy of water can charge up the Moonstone as well.

If you do not have river around you, simply dip your Moonstone into a bowl of pure water overnight. Then, use running pure water to rinse the Moonstone. Throw away the used water after use as it is not recommended that you use it more than once.

Apart from using running water, another way to clean the energy of your Moonstone is to use Aroma Sticks. You can do this by using incense or burning a smudge stick. Hold your Moonstone in the smoke for about a minute to get rid of any energy that it might have stored. The favorites for releasing elements that get rid of negative energies are sweetgrass, sage, and sandalwood.



After you have cleaned your Rainbow Moonstone, you should charge it.

Start the charging process a night before the full moon. You should do this by leaving the gem outside in the open space under the moonlight and leave it overnight. After three nights, your Moonstone gem should be charged up and ready for use again.



  1. Wearing Amethyst with Moonstone detoxes the body. It also aligns third eye chakras with crown to open up your spirit to new dimensions.
  2. Wearing Alexandrite with Rainbow Moonstone helps lessen the impact of emotional burdens, therefore, making it easier to let go.
  3. Wearing Labradorite with Moonstone enhances your astral travel and clairvoyance.
  4. Wearing Turquoise with Moonstone turns Moonstone into a stone that boosts your confidence and sees into the future.