Sacred meaning of "Stargaze" - our standout celestial ring

The design of the "Stargaze" ring was inspired by ancient alchemical engravings.

How we make this celestial ring

Manufacturing technology is a mix of the two approaches – parts made manually and by computer. Hand-made parts are warm, carrying the soul of the master, beautiful in their “imperfections.” However, it is impossible to make accurate geometric shapes in such small sizes by hand. 3D-modeled parts are absolutely perfect and accurate, but somewhat devoid of individuality and soul.

In our ring, the platform on which the sun and the moon are located is modeled on a computer, while all other parts are made by hand. The sun is made of solid 14-carat gold; the remaining parts are of 925 sterling silver. Further, all the details are joined together by the master manually. Two techniques for fixing of stones are used – basel and prong settings. The final touch is the technology of silver oxidation, which allows highlighting details and gives the ring an antique look.


Sacral idea in the ring

There is a fundamental idea in the "Stargaze" ring; it tells about the creation and existence of our world.

On the side of the ring, there is a comet, symbolizing the incessant circulation of all elements of the Universe. The final stage of the evolution of a star, as a rule, is a huge dazzling explosion. Innumerable myriad of fragments become the basis of future comets, which form the new planets in the different parts of the Galaxy after billions of years.

A comet carries natural diamonds. These minerals were used for a reason. After all, they consist of crystalline carbon, and this is the basis of life on Earth. But for this element, which is the basis of all organic molecules, the life on Earth would be impossible. 

Here, we see an allegory – a comet carries the primary element on its tail – in order to create life on planet Earth. We couldn’t do without a sacred element in this process. After all, there are three diamonds, referring to the sacred number three and the Trinity existing in different cultures, which is clearly an indication of the fusion of matter and spirit at the moment of creation.

However, life could not have appeared and developed without two main luminaries in the world of people, the sun and the moon. The energy of the Sun ensures the existence of life on Earth, and the Moon supports the stability of our world. The sun is the oldest cosmic symbol known to all nations, the source of life, God himself. The moon is a symbol of the cyclical rhythm of time, immortality, eternity, and constant renewal. In most traditions, the Sun is the universal Father, while the Moon is the Mother.

In addition to diamonds, two natural stones are used in the ring: Moonstone, representing the Moon, and Sunstone, representing the Sun. This choice is clear. 

In addition to the similarity of appearance with the same-named luminaries, these stones are traditionally considered to be their symbols. Sunstone contains solar (masculine) energy, while Moonstone has moon (feminine) energy. These stones have many benefits and have a positive effect on the person.