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Gems have been attracting people all around the world with their beauty and mystery for thousands of years. Each stone has a history. And of course, every kind of gemstone is linked to legends and myths, and there must be a huge number of them. These are terribly fascinating stories that you will definitely be interested in learning more about.


In ancient Rome, it was believed that the moonstone was protected by the moon goddess Diana.


- In India, this mineral is considered sacred; in this culture, moonstone is a symbol of luck and love. There is a legend that the crystals of moonstone were brought to earth by Lakshmi and Vishnu, who received them as a gift from the moon. There is also a legend in India that this stone helps to look into the future.

- In ancient Rome, it was believed that the moonstone was protected by the moon goddess Diana. There was a legend that the owner of this mineral would find wisdom, love, and luck.

- In Ancient Greece, Moonstone was associated with three goddesses: Artemis, Hecate, and Selene. The Greeks believed that the stone helped them see the future. Also, in this ancient culture, moonstone was a gift from the Hyperborean, which helped to defeat enemies.

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- There is a myth that the aquamarine was found in the treasure chest of mermaids, so sailors used it as a talisman to help them on their long sea voyages.

- In Ancient Greece, the aquamarine was considered the mascot of Poseidon, the god of the ocean. - There is a beautiful legend in the East that says that aquamarines are frozen splashes of the ocean. The wave, hitting the coastal rocks, throws millions of sparkling drops onto the shore, which are scattered on the ground.


- In ancient Egyptian mythology jewelry, Lapis Lazuli was a particularly fond option, which was associated with the starry sky and supernatural forces. On a barren and dry Egyptian land, the blue color of lapis lazuli was a striking contrast. Gold spots were associated with stars in the sky. In meditation, the Egyptians believed that supernatural powers were changing their lives. These people also believed that the stone had a spiritual aura and lapis lazuli, carved in the shape of an eye, and set in gold, was the strongest amulet. Lapis lazuli was used to make figures of scarabs, which were then buried together with mummies of the pharaohs. It was believed that scarabs made of this stone would help to revive the Pharaoh.

- One famous legend says that an angel gave King Solomon a ring with lapis lazuli. This ring allowed him to control an army of demons, which he used to build his temple. - There is also a belief that lapis lazuli can only be given by close, true friends, as this mineral tolerates no insincerity.


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Aquamarine ring
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Lapis Lazuli ring
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- The Romans considered the peridot an "evening emerald". This is because there is a legend that the peridot could only be found after sunset because of its glow.

- Another legend says that the peridot was Cleopatra's favorite stone and she often replaced emeralds with peridot.

- The ancient Egyptians called the peridot "the pearl of the sun". In this culture, they also believed that the peridot shone after sunset.

- It is believed that the peridot has the property of enhancing the effects of any medicine.


- In Norse mythology, the Northern Lights were created by gods and were meant to be freed to be a bridge to the heavens, and that a Mighty Being would stroke the rocks in order to travel to the skies, but the power of the stones was so strong that this light crystallized inside the stones forever.



- According to Jewish mythology, Noah introduced the gem into the Ark as a source of light. During the Flood, the Sun and Moon did not shine, but this precious stone shone brighter at night than during the day, allowing Noah to distinguish between day and night. Since then, the garnet has been considered an amulet of travelers.

- In the east, there is a legend that garnets shine in the hands of a passionate man.

- Some claim that the garnet is one of King Solomon's four jewels.

- The ancient Greeks saw the garnet as a gemstone symbolizing a gift of love. The Greek fable of Persephone describes how Zeus' and Demeter’s daughter Persephone collected flowers from the stream. The god of the underworld Hades saw her and instantly fell in love. Determined to make the girl his wife, Hades took Persephone away and took her to the underworld. And yet Zeus demanded her release. Knowing that he could not refuse Zeus, Hades fed the girl a pomegranate seed, knowing that she could not resist the sweet fruit and would return to him.


- Arab legends say that opal falls from heaven in flashes of lightning.

- In Ancient Greece, opals were believed to protect people from ailments and give them a prophetic gift.

- In Ancient Rome, this gem symbolizes love and hope. Caesars gave their wives opals as a sign of luck, hope and purity.

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- Legend has it that Cupid cut off Venus' nails while she was sleeping. He scattered her nails across the earth, and since no part of the gods can die, the gods transformed their nails into the stone, which is now known as Onyx.

- Cleopatra wore black onyx because of its protective properties. Feeling negative energy, the stone vibrated, warning of danger.

- Also, in ancient times, it was believed that there was a demon inside Onyx, which wakes up at night and brings quarrels into the house.


- Greek legend states that Bacchus is the god of wine. He was once angry at the insult of an ordinary man and decided to take his revenge on the first person he met on his way. He created cruel tigers as a beautiful girl was on her way to pay tribute to the goddess Diana. The goddess turned the girl into a quartz statue to protect her from the tigers. Bacchus then cried tears of wine for regret of his act at the sight of the beautiful statue. The tears of God colored the quartz purple, creating the precious amethyst.

- Amethyst was also valued as a strong antidote to alcoholism.


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- In ancient Egypt, it was believed that Isis, the goddess of life, motherhood, and fertility, used rose quartz to rub on her cheeks and eyes, to heal her skin and prevent wrinkles. It is worth saying that even now people believe in the healing properties of quartz for the skin.

- Rose quartz is also known from a myth where Cupid brought a pink gem from Olympus to spread love and romance around the world. The romantic qualities of the stone were so strong that they could inspire mankind to love.


- According to Baltic legend, there were two suns, one of which was exceptionally large and heavy, so it eventually fell and sank into the sea. As it fell, it kept getting colder and colder until it hardened. When it reached the bottom of the sea, it broke into many tiny pieces. Since then, waves have sometimes carried small or large pieces of amber to shore.

As you can see, there are many beautiful legends and myths about stones. You can always tell a charming ancient legend about your favorite stone. Each story is unique and magical, and sometimes it really seems like it happened.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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