Solid Gold vs Gold Plated,
Gold Filled, Gold Vermeil

Understand your golden jewelry type


You can find on sale jewelry made not only out of solid gold, but also gold plated, gold vermeil and gold filled jewelry. Many people ask the question "What is the difference between them?" So, let's look at the differences between these types.

Gold plating – is a coating with the thinnest layer of gold. The basis for such products can be either precious or non-precious metal.
Gold plating is the most common method of applying a gold layer used in jewelry, but there is an important point - there is no standard that determines the percentage of gold in such items, so there is a chance to buy jewelry of the lowest quality. It is advisable to use plating for small details on jewelry, but a whole piece of jewelry with it will quickly lose its original appearance.

Gold vermeil is silver jewelry plated with gold. The peculiarity is that the basis of the product is silver, and silver must be at least 10-carat. It is not hard to guess that such jewelry is valued more than gold plated.


It is advisable to use plating for small details on jewelry, but a whole piece of jewelry with it will quickly lose its original appearance.

Gold filling is another common method of applying a gold layer on the surface of a jewelry piece. The creation of a gold layer in this case occurs by wrapping a thin gold sheet around the base material rolling (usually on brass or copper), rapid heating and subsequent compressioning under high pressure to fuse the gold layer and the underlying base together.

Solid gold is an alloy of pure gold and some additional metals. Gold is a metal that has high plasticity and density, but at the same time it is one of the softest metals, so it is not used in pure form in jewelry. In order for your jewelry not to deform and become obliterated, other metals must be added to gold.

The best way to figure out which products are best is to compare these types with each other.


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Gold filled vs vermeil

Of course, first of all, the difference is in the thickness of the gold layer. Another important difference is the presence of an intermediate layer between the base metal and gold in gold filled and the absence of this layer in vermeil.

Solid gold vs gold plated, vermeil

The composition of gold items includes solid gold (depending on the sample, the percentage of gold is more or less) and other metals. Gold plating is not applied to such items, since the jewelry already consists of gold, so over time it will not change color and will not deteriorate.
Vermeil consists of silver base, and only a gold coating is applied on top, which is not durable and, unfortunately, will inevitably disappear over time.

Gold filled vs solid gold

As already noted, gold filled is a piece of gold-plated metal. No matter how much you want your jewelry look like it's made of real gold, the base metal is still different from gold.
Solid gold is a durable gold jewelry that has significant financial value and will delight its wearer for many years.

Gold vermeil vs gold plated

Gold plated jewelry conceals a kind of danger, because it has a very thin layer of gold plating, which wears off in a few weeks. It is impossible to check the layer thickness, so you can only rely on the manufacturer's honesty. The base can be any metal that can cause allergies or just not be right for you.
Gold vermeil is undoubtedly better in comparison with gold plating, as the buyer knows for sure that the base of the product is at least 10-carat silver, and the gold layer has a sufficient thickness. Despite this, the gold plating is not durable.

Gold platedVermeilGold filledSolid gold 
Metal (base)Precious or base metalSilverCopper, brass, etc.Gold + other metals
Gold thicknessNo standard
0.5-8 microns
2.5 microns5–120 microns-



The main advantage of gold plating and gold vermeil is their low cost, but you should immediately remember about a very significant disadvantage of such products - their fragility. Gold plated products cannot be worn directly close to the skin, as a chemical reaction is possible when combined with sweat, which will undoubtedly spoil the appearance of the jewelry. Gold vermeil  lasts a little longer, if you follow the necessary care requirements (you cannot get moisture on the product, you cannot polish it, etc), and you need to remember that the main material of the product is 925 sterling silver, and Gold Vermeil is used as a decorative element.

Of course, gold plating can be used on small parts in a silver product, but buying whole gold plated jewelry is not practical at all. Gold plated and vermeil jewelry are not intended for daily wear, it is almost impossible to preserve the original appearance of products, such jewelry is not used as a heirloom or as wedding rings. Another unfortunate point is that most of the base metals used in gold-plated items tend to stain your skin green or cause allergic reactions.

Gold filled products are more durable than gold plated and vermeil, they retain their appearance for a long time. Gold filled differs from a gold item in its lower value, and also in that it cannot be recycled.

The advantage of solid gold items is their reliability. Gold jewelry does not darken over time, does not oxidize and is resistant to every day wear . Wearing gold jewelry, you don't have to worry about its losing attractive appearance.

Gold plated VS Solid Gold Difference chart

According to ancient myths, the appearance of this precious metal is associated with the Sun, gold provides certain protection and guards a person. Gold is the most durable and valuable metal and is suitable for those who are allergic to base metals. Gold jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation as it does not lose its value.


According to ancient myths, Gold is associated with the Sun, and provides certain protection and guards a person.

So, Solid Gold Jewelry:
– wear-resistant ;
– requires less maintenance;
– does not lose value with time;
– suitable for daily wear;
– does not cause allergies.

There is only one drawback - gold jewelry is more expensive than gold plated or plated with gold. Although, can this be called a disadvantage, knowing about the reliability, value and durability of gold?

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At BlackTreeLab we love working with gold and are always happy to receive your orders on new gold rings. And despite the worldwide rise in gold prices due to the crisis, we are trying to keep our prices at a moderate level. It is flexible and beautiful noble metal that is comfortable to work with and suitable for most buyers, and white gold is a good substitute if someone is allergic to silver.

We use gold plating in some of our silver jewelry pieces, but we apply it only to decorative elements and not in any case in the whole jewelry piece. And on the “Cleo” flagship silver ring, we use small elements made of solid gold to ensure that customers can enjoy the ring in its original form for a long time!

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