Highlights of Rainbow Moonstone as a June birthstone

Together with gemstones Pearl and Alexandrite, Moonstone is one of the birthstones of June. June is the only of two other months (August and December) to have 3 birthstones.

Moonstone is good to help anyone illuminate their life path. By wearing Moonstones, Gemini and Cancer signs (born in June) tend to have a stronger drive to connect with their purposes on an astrological level.

Moonstone June Birthstone

The history of Moonstone

Moonstones were appreciated by many Ancient cultures, including the Romans who connected Moonstone with Goddess Diana – the Goddess of Hunt – and associated Moonstone with night and magic.

Ancient Greeks merged the names of the goddess of love (Aphrodite) and the goddess of the moon (Selene) and christened Moonstone as “Aphroselene” – a stone of love and moon.

It’s believed that Moonstone, a sacred stone in India and a June birthstone, has been embedded in the forehead of Ganesh. According to the Indians, Moonstones gives prophecy and wisdom, while it also have properties that clears the mind.

In Ancient India, Moonstone was a traditional wedding present that’s gifted to promote harmony and love in marriage.

In Asia, this June birthstone was used to attract luck and charm, in addition to curing insomnia.

Moonstone was also known as the travelers’ stone to protect its owner at night, especially when at the sea.

Moonstone June Birthstone


Is Moonstone a real gem?

Yes, it’s a natural gemstone. Moonstone is from the feldspar-group mineral orthoclase and is composed of two feldspar minerals: orthoclase and albite. The minerals in the feldspar family make up 60% of the Earth’s rocky crust, which means that you can pick up any rock on the road, and it will probably contain a mineral or two from the feldspar group.

Moonstones have a crystal structure that shimmers when exposed to the light under an. effect called adularescence, which is only typical to natural Moonstones. The more shimmer you see in the Moonstone, the more valuable it is. The shimmer of Moonstones ranges from green, blue, purple, and pink.

Because of its natural origin, Moonstones sometimes have natural inclusions, which gives individual gemstones their own character and originality. Characteristic inclusions contain tiny tension cracks called centipedes.

Some of our customers ask Moonstones that show off mostly blue or raindbow tones, as they are often yielded as the most beautiful options. If you search, ‘Is Moonstone Expensive?’ generally the answer is no. However, the rarest and most expensive Moonstones are those that are colorless and transparent but still possess a strong blueish sheen. Because this variation his increased in rarity, their prices have risen sharply in recent years. There are some other factors that influence Moonstone price, such as natural inclusions, cut (the best one is cabochon), and carat weight.


Are Moonstone rings durable?

It’s true that Moonstones are less durable than diamonds or sapphires. As it was mentioned before, the hardness is around 6 Mohs. It simply means that Moonstones require special attention when wearing, charging, and cleaning. Also, you should avoid hitting gemstone against any surface, as it can lead to cracks or scratches. It’s not recommended to wear Moonstone jewelry while participating in sports, visiting saunas, or while swimming. Regarding special care, you can read more about this topic in our article about how to take care of Moonstone and Sterling Silver.

With proper care and special attention, your Moonstone jewelry can serve you for many, many years!


Where does Moonstone come from?

Moonstones (a June birthstone) can be found in many countries around the world that include India, Sri Lanka (the biggest location in the world), as well as Madagascar, Myanmar, Tanzania, and even the USA (Virginia, New Mexico, and North Carolina).

Moonstone June Birthstone

What are the benefits and features of Moonstone?

Although Moonstones have countless positive and magical benefits, natural Moonstone is the well-known female gemstone. Having direct connection with the moon, Moonstones have calming energy and vibrate feminine wisdom. Moonstone’s energy follows the cycles of the full moon, the decrescent moon, and the increscent moon, which is why it affects women cycles and assists in female issues. This includes everything from reproductive systems, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and childbirth.

June birthstones have many benefits, and we appreciate the most important ones:

  • Help in decision making;
  • Clear your mind;
  • Influence your love life;
  • Open your heart chakra;
  • Increase your intuition and creativity;
  • Heal women’s reproductive systems.


Moonstone Jewelry

It’s believed that by simply wearing your best gemstone match can aid your spiritual path. Beside its beautiful adularescence, Moonstone is also appreciated for its benefits. It’s a good match for everyone, especially for women, and it’s a suiting fit for anyone born in June, as it’s the month’s birthstone. At BlackTreeLab, we have a wide collection of Moonstone rings and pendants for nature admirers and for those who love different symbols.

We at BlackTreeLab always carefully select the best Moonstones to use in our jewelry. For further confidence in your jewelry, you can also request a video of all available Moonstones to select for your jewelry.