How to get a ring off a swollen finger

3 quick solutions

Have you ever had a situation where you can't get your ring off? The situation can happen to any of us - a favorite ring that has been worn for a long time can not be removed. But don't panic, because it's a frequent occurrence and we have several options on how to get a ring off. But first, let us explain why this has happened.

This unpleasant situation can happen for a number of reasons:


It is also worth remembering that the amount of water in our bodies changes during the day, this is normal. Increased amount of water in the body causes swelling, including the fingers.


Incorrect ring size

Be careful about the size of rings when trying them on in a jewelry store. It is also worth considering that rings of the same size can fit differently depending on the width of the ring, as thin jewelry sits loose and wide, on the contrary, is usually a tighter fit. If you are given a small ring, go to a jewelry store, where you can get the jeweller to stretch the ring to the correct size. This is the most widespread reason when people are asking "how to get a ring off".

Temperature changes

When it is hot outdoors or indoors, swelling can occur, which can create an unpleasant situation with your jewelry. Oedema can also occur as a result of temperature changes, for example, if you come from the cold outside into a warm room;

Water in body

Kidney disease, as well as a lot of fluid that has been drunk. It is also worth remembering that the amount of water in our bodies changes during the day, this is normal. If you can easily put a ring on your finger in the morning, you may have problems taking it off in the evening;


The pregnancy period is often accompanied by swelling of the body, including the fingers;


Any injuries to the hand;

Weight changes

As your body weight changes, fingers may also increase in size;


An allergic reaction to something can also provoke swelling in the hands. Quite often fingers can be swollen due to an allergic reaction to a bee sting or wasp, in which case, immediately after the sting, be sure to remove any rings;

Longterm changes in the body

Often, this unpleasant situation can occur with a wedding ring, which involves a long wear, and over time, the body is sure to change and the ring begins to bring not only discomfort, but also pain.

As you can see, there may be many reasons why you can't remove the ring. It is important to see the problem in time to take the necessary measures so that there are no serious consequences.



How to get a ring off a swollen finger?

First, it is necessary not to panic and try to remove the ring yourself. There are a few easy ways to do this:

  1. It is worth trying to wait a little while for the swelling to go down on its own. Try to lift the swollen arm up and hold it until you are tired.
  2. You can also put your hand in cold water for about 5-10 minutes or hold the hand in ice and then gently try to remove the ring. The main thing is not to make abrupt movements.
  3. Try using liquid or regular soaps, oil, cream, shampoo, or other liquid products. Apply enough product and gently remove the ring. But don't forget that aggressive chemicals can ruin your jewellery.
  4. Wrap silk or dental floss around your finger. Simply thread the tail under the ring and then slide the ring down without any sudden movements.



  1. Rings need to be taken off sometimes so your fingers can have a rest.
  2. When choosing your jewellery, try not to buy rings that are a tight fit, let them be a little bigger (¼ the size is usually enough).
  3. If you don't buy rings, or measure your fingers, in hot weather, you can risk getting the wrong size.
  4. Also, you should not measure the ring size yourself. There are several ways to measure ring size at home, but there is an error in all of them and sometimes it can be very large. We would always recommend that you measure your ring size in a professional jewelry shop.
  5. In hot weather, refrain from wearing rings if you have a tendency to swell.

You have read the basic and effective ways to remove stuck rings from your fingers. But if none of these methods have helped, and your finger is swollen or blue, you should urgently seek medical help from the ER or even an emergency rescue service. In this case, unfortunately, the ring will be cut, but do not worry, it can be corrected at a jewelry workshop. Remember that even your most expensive and favorite piece of jewelry can not be comparable to the value of your health.

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