How to meditate with Moonstone

Meditation with Moonstone is a unique key to knowing oneself, the ability to calm the mind, and find harmony. Meditation with minerals increases the effect of the meditative state, allowing you to work with the chakras and various emotions. Moonstone is a powerful mineral that promotes deep calming and meditation. This stone also helps to understand situations and is even used to see past lives.


To feel the effect of meditating with the moonstone, it should be placed on the heart area during meditation. 


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To feel the effect of meditating with the moonstone, it should be placed on the heart area during meditation. This will help balance the emotions. You may place it on any other chakra to help with the flow of energy.

To activate the moonstone, find a quiet place to sit down and hold the crystal with both hands.

Before meditating, it is necessary to formulate an intention. Then you should take 3 deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth, completely releasing tension in the body. Then it is necessary to visualize a bright healing white light entering through the chakra, say your intentions regarding the mineral. After that, your crystal is ready for use and brings healing, love, and light. It is worth noting that when the moonstone is used in meditation, its healing and metaphysical properties are enhanced and bring even more benefit.


Curative properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is used to treat exhaustion of the nervous system. It is used to treat diseases of the kidneys, liver and biliary tract, bladder, paralysis, infectious diseases, insomnia, arthritis, and fevers.

The stone has a positive effect on the digestive organs, normalizes the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Also, pregnant women are advised to wear jewelry with a moonstone before giving birth.



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Moonstone metaphysical properties

Moonstone metaphysical properties 

Moonstone enhances women's energy. It is known for its ability to influence the emotional state, helping to calm and balance emotions.

Moonstone enhances intuition and psychic abilities to help get rid of bad thoughts, and can even cleanse the aura of negativity.

Also, this mineral is associated with the feeling of love, it evokes tender feelings and protects the true joys of love. 


As we have already mentioned, the moonstone during meditation affects the chakra on which it is placed. This stone is capable of balancing any of our chakras. The strongest effect is on the crown chakra, which is located on the top of the head. A balanced crown chakra allows for balance and a calm demeanor in the face of various adversities.

 The stone cleanses all chakras of negative energy, helping our mental, physical, and spiritual health.


For the moonstone to help in meditation, for its healing and metaphysical properties to actively influence a person, for the stone to balance the chakras, it is necessary to charge it periodically. This can be done quite easily. It is enough to place the stone under the moonlight during a full moon. It is allowed to perform such a ritual the day before the full moon and the day after. This ritual will allow the stone to be charged with the energy of the moon. Then the properties of the stone will be even stronger and will have a more active influence on a person.


We will now go into more detail on how to meditate using the moonstone.

1. Place the stone on the chakra you want to balance
This may be the chakra that you think is in imbalance. Be sure to charge your moonstone before doing so.

2. Create an intention for your moonstone meditation
Your intention must be sincere, then it is sure to be realized.

3. Take three deep breaths and relax.

4. Begin to visualize white light emanating from your moonstone chakra. Think about your intention.

5. Continue to immerse yourself in moonstone meditation.


Meditation with the moonstone helps to balance life, to understand its hidden meanings. Anyone who tries meditating with the moonstone will definitely feel its power and energy. From such regular meditations, you will get not only a calmness of emotions but also spiritual growth and improvement of life. It is worth saying that the moonstone can influence the chakras not only when meditating with it. The stone also affects when you wear it in jewelry, the main thing is not to forget to charge it and believe in its amazing properties.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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