How to wear a Moonstone as a necklace?

Moonstone is a special mineral that is energetically connected to the Moon and gives a lot of its energy to the person who wears the jewelry with it. This is also explained by the fact that there is a constant exchange of energy in nature. Before falling into the hands of man, the moonstone could lie in the ground for thousands of years, absorbing an incredible amount of vibrations of the cosmos and the Earth's bowels. The powerful energy of the stone is sure to influence its owner, manifesting its magical properties.

In this case, people often ask themselves the following question: should one wear a necklace with a moonstone every day? On what days is it more favorable to wear it? Equally relevant are questions about the care of the stone. All of these questions are answered in this article.


Necklaces with moonstone can be worn by all Zodiac signs.  If you wear a Moonstone pendant, you will receive more energy from this stone. 



Speaking of the days of the week, it is worth mentioning that Monday is the day of the moon. Therefore, it is the most favorable day to wear a moonstone. On Monday, it is advisable to wear jewelry made of silver; it will strengthen the effect of your mineral.

Of course, you can wear your moonstone on any day, there are no contraindications for this. Monday is only a favorable day to wear a moonstone.

That said, don't forget to charge your stone during a full moon so that it will gain energy and continue to give its beneficial properties. In addition, experts say that during the waning moon the power of the stone wanes slightly, so with magical and healing purposes, the mineral should be used in the period of the waxing moon. During the waning moon, the stone can be used to reduce negativity and relieve pain.


Necklaces with moonstone can be worn by all Zodiac signs. At the same time, the stone will have the greatest effect on the following signs: 
1. For Sagittarius, the moonstone will help find a way out of difficult situations and help in solving problems.
2. Virgo men will gain wisdom and confidence, becoming more reasonable. The stone will help in solving family problems, improve love relations.
3. Libra lunar stone will help in disclosure of talents, implementation of creative ideas.
4. Leo will gain force, confidence, and internal calmness.
5. For people born under the sign of Scorpio, the moonstone will help unlock creative potential.

Also, Moonstone can be a talisman for those born on Monday, the day of the Moon.



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Moonstone metaphysical properties


This is the first time you should be guided by your state of mind. You must like the stone, you must feel its power and influence on you.

Secondly, pay attention to the metal with which you wear your jewelry. The most harmonious metal for the moonstone is silver. But you can also wear it with other metals; it is not forbidden.

Third, jewelry with a moonstone is recommended to be taken off and not put on for a few days.

Before wearing the stone for a long time, it should be rinsed under running water, and be sure to charge it during the full moon.


Cleansing on the energy level
For the stone to be beneficial, it is important to charge it. As we have already noted, jewelry with a moonstone should be put under the moonlight for 1-3 nights during a full moon. At this time, the stone acquires strength and receives the necessary energy, which will be shared with you.
The energy of water also recharges the moonstone. To do this, periodically wash the mineral under running water, it is especially useful to dip the stone in the river. You can use incense. The smoke from it can cleanse the stone from negative energy.

Physical cleansing
To preserve the stone's pleasant appearance, you should avoid rough treatment of the stone (bumps, scratches, etc.). Remember that it is necessary to remove the jewelry before doing sports, cleaning, swimming. Periodically clean the moonstone with soap and water. Wipe the stone with a cloth soaked in soapy water very gently. Do not use chemicals or rough cloth. It may seriously damage the stone. 


Moonstone is a very unusual mineral associated with the moon. With its powerful energy, it can change people's lives and help in solving issues and difficulties. Knowing the best way to wear items with moonstone can greatly enhance its positive impact on you.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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