Moonstone & Diamond – A Valid Combination?

How to match moonstone and diamond

Both moonstone and diamond have been astonishing people for centuries for their expressiveness and beauty. But can they be used together? Is it a good combination? Or is it better to avoid combining these two strong stones in the same jewelry? Let's try to figure it out.


Moonstone is a mineral that received its romantic name due to its extraordinary silver-blue color. This stone is characterized by its shimmering color, which is commonly referred to as adularescence. If you have not yet seen this effect, be sure to fix this.
As a start, you should not think that moonstone has only one shade; in fact, there are many varieties, such as pink, peach or rainbow moonstone. Each of them is unusual and impressive in its own way. But all these varieties of moonstone are united by the fact that the stones are transparent and have subtle shades.
Moonstone is now quite popular and in demand among jewelers and buyers from around the world.
Moonstone prices can vary greatly. The most expensive are the ones with rich blue color, a bright inner glow and depth of color.


In ancient Rome, it was believed that the moonstone was protected by the moon goddess Diana.


Throughout history, Moonstone has been used in various products, especially known well in Asian countries. There has long been a tradition of giving Moonstone to newlyweds in India - it is believed that in this way the stone will always attract and retain love and warm feelings.
However, in the early 20th century it became especially popular and even cult in Europe and America. In the Art Nouveau era, Moonstone was often used as an accent stone, included in engagement rings. René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany often used this transparent stone for custom jewelry.
Moonstone was also a favorite among masters of the Arts and Crafts era in the second half of the nineteenth century, who used it to make silverware.
Let's look at the properties of moonstone and find out what benefits it can bring to its owner.


There is a popular belief that moonstone helps facilitate childbirth, restores hormonal balance, and helps with reproductive problems. Moonstone has long been used to increase fertility.
It also helps with diseases of the digestive system and skin injuries. With constant contact, moonstone controls the movement of bodily fluids.
Another property is that this stone helps with insomnia and nightmares. And this is especially important in today's world with its crazy pace, which causes many people to have trouble sleeping.


The main magical properties of this stone are the strengthening of intuition and awakening of creative abilities. And because of its connection with the moon, this stone is considered a woman's stone that will help every woman increase her energy, discover her potential, and gain confidence in herself.
Moonstone enhances psychic abilities and shows the ability to be clairvoyant. Many psychics and magicians use Moonstone in their magical rites during the full moon. The moonstone also helps to cope with adverse emotional states, it calms and balances emotions.
The "Stone of Lovers" is a name given to moonstone because it evokes feelings of love between people and protects feelings. This is one of the reasons why the moonstone is chosen for an engagement ring, but more on that later.



A brilliant diamond is a transparent cut raw diamond. We are sure that you know that diamond is the hardest mineral and of course this is the first advantage over any other stone. But it is worth remembering that a diamond can only be scratched by another diamond, and it can also be burned or crushed. This shows that it has a high hardness, but not a high strength.

A diamond is usually colorless or colored in shades of yellow, green, blue, or pink, although you can even find black and brown varieties of this stone. It is transparent and may have inclusions inside, and also has an incredibly beautiful luster.
The price of a diamond depends on 4 important components: color, clarity, cut quality and carat. The weight of a gemstone is measured in carats, where 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. As you have guessed, the higher the value, the more expensive the diamond will be, and the price often comes to very impressive amounts. But it is worth saying that ideal samples are exceedingly rare and are subject to auctions and usually held in private collections.

In five centuries, the diamond has proved to be the most expensive and desirable stone for jewelry. This popular stone from the XIX century is often used in jewelry rings.
The diamond has no less useful properties than moonstone.


The global love for diamonds originated in India, and by the 1400s diamonds had become a fashionable accessory for the European elite. But the history of the modern diamond market begins in South Africa with the discovery of diamonds there in 1866. In 1947, DeBeers ordered the services of the leading advertising agency, where the slogan "A Diamond is Forever" was invented. This advertisement provoked a huge demand for diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. The rarity, beauty and durability of the diamond made it a suitable symbol of durability and longevity of marriage.



The precious stone is attributed to the properties of strengthening human immunity, improving the nervous system, lungs, cardiovascular system, and respiratory tract.
It is believed that the diamond promotes a full healthy sleep, helps in the treatment of mental illness, and gets rid of high temperatures and fever. These stones are also used as an additional way to get rid of skin and stomach problems.
In Oriental culture it is believed the effect of a diamond can stimulate positive heart activity.


A diamond is a stone for people with pronounced leadership qualities. To have it, you need to have a strong energy, be purposeful and active.

In India, they believe in the magic of a diamond, which can have a beneficial effect on the human body with its vibrations. It’s not without reason why diamonds are called a "royal stone", the colossal energy contained having a powerful healing and magical power.

Since ancient times, a diamond has also been considered a love stone. Our ancestors believed that they strengthen relationships, protect from quarrels and gives harmony. Until now, lovers all over the world give each other diamond jewelry as a sign of deep feelings.

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Moonstone vs diamond - both have similarities, for example, they are equally transparent and light; and each stone has a huge number of useful properties.
These stones are used for a variety of jewelry, especially for engagement rings. Diamond engagement rings are extremely popular. But if you remember history, it was the moonstone that was originally used for engagement rings, and from a good advertising campaign the diamond became the more popular for this purpose. And only recently, has the moonstone returned once again as a choice for engagement rings.

Moonstone engagement rings are traditional on the one hand, as this stone used to be used for engagement rings and has thousands of years of history; on the other hand, it is very modern. And most importantly, it is very individual and unique.
Diamond engagement rings are a relatively new trend, which was skillfully imposed by marketing. And despite the fact that these stones are incredibly attractive and beautiful, the rings with them do not look unique.
But one should not think that these two stones are used only for engagement rings. They are used for rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

'A moonstone & diamond combo can also be used in the same item of jewelry, giving it a completely original look. You could say that this is a combination of both tradition and innovation. That's why the moonstone diamond engagement ring is so popular today.


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For example, in the "Stargaze" ring, we use a sunstone, moonstone, and several diamonds. Due to the interesting design and combination of these stones, it looks very unconventional and conceptual.

So, both moonstone and diamond are amazing stones, which have strong energy and big history. Each of them is unique and unusual in its own way; each has many different properties. It is not necessary to use only one of them, because these two stones do not contradict each other at all, but on the contrary, they complement each other. Read our article  Moonstone Meaning by Color - White, Silver, Blue, Peach, and More

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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