Sacred Jewelry Secrets: Gemstones of Passion and Love

There are no special objects to reveal love, but we all know there’s energy of love among us. Because of different vibrations, special gemstones possess this kind of energy in big amounts. 

Gemstones can be powerful tools in attracting, receiving and accepting love. Knowing these special passion gemstones and using their powers in a spiritual way, you can easily show your love to someone, and you can renew old love, awaken passion, discover self-love, fire passion in the bedroom, heal heartbreak and more!

Check out this article below to learn which gemstones bring love and passion! You can use them in jewelry as a gift to show someone your big feelings and serious intentions. Don’t ask yourself about the best time of year to buy an engagement ring, because the best time is always now! 


50 shades of moonstone to show your love, like your ancestors did thousands of years ago 

It’s not a secret that the most feminine gemstone is moonstone. It conserves feminine energy and helps its wearer balance emotions, maintain stable relations, and stay calm in stressful situations. 

Many ancient cultures, such as Indian, Khmer, Egyptian, etc., considered moonstone a stone of love. For example, in India, moonstone sacred jewelry was a traditional wedding gift, and they also believed that two persons wearing moonstone jewelry on a full moon evening would definitely fall in love. 

It’s recommended for every woman to have moonstone jewelry, because this is the gemstone of fertility, and it positively influences women’s reproduction systems as well as on their emotional condition. Moonstone is also appreciated for warm vibrations, which open hearts to acceptance. You can also read more about moonstone engagement rings, their history and why to choose them in this article. 

The “Cleo” ring is the flagship moonstone engagement ring from BlackTreeLab, which cannot leave anyone indifferent. The “Daisy” ring and “Louise” ring are other popular flower rings with moonstone options. Moonstone jewelry is one of the most popular nowadays, and you can have a look at all items available here. 


Gemstone of love and romance 

Garnet is the well-known gemstone of passionate love and romance, and it does a really good job in deepening intimacy in relationships, increasing stamina and strengthening the fertility of its wearer. Garnet is the best choice for you if you want to attract love in your life. It’s also helpful for someone who is transitioning into a new love.

Because of its strong red color, the garnet symbolizes love and romance. There’s an energy of desire and passion inside. If you are looking for garnet jewelry as a gift for your girlfriend or partner, a garnet ring will be the best choice, as it is full of love energy. 

One of the most popular garnet engagement rings is the twig ring “Agnia” and the flower ring “Theia.” The “Gayatri” bracelet symbolizes commitment, and there’s no woman who can resist its charming beauty. 

For men, there is the garnet engagement ring called “Axis,” with a clean geometric design. 

Rose Quartz

Famous gemstone of unconditional Love

Rose quartz is known as a universal stone of love. It activates your heart chakra and promotes compassion, empathy and forgiveness. It also opens your heart, promotes self-love, and helps in attracting meaningful relationships. 

Besides promoting love, it also helps to cure a broken heart in situations of partner loss, divorce, or a family rift. 

The best way to use rose quartz in jewelry is to wear it near your heart as a pendant or as a ring on your ring finger. 

“Fleur” is a flower ring with a gentle rose quartz. It’s a perfect gift for someone you love, because it shows your intimate feelings. 


Carnelian for fertility and true love 

For Egyptians thousands years ago, Carnelian was associated with the fertile mother goddess Isis. Carnelian is the gemstone of love, truth, and faith. It brings more devotion to its wearer. 

It’s also appreciated for such features as increasing fertility, helping fight frigidity and impotence, and promoting responsible sex.  

It’s hard to find worthy carnelian jewelry, but at BlackTreeLab, there is the beautiful “Mongolian Veld” set with massive, warm, orange gemstones in a Carnelian ring and Carnelian earrings made with blackened sterling silver and 14K gold gilding. 

Love comes in different shapes. Whatever yours is, giving an engagement ring or a gift for a special beloved person is never a bad idea. Now you know a little bit more about gemstones of love to choose for engagement rings.