Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him

Sacred jewelry for a man is a way to underline his character, social status, religion, or taste in fashion. While it may not be the most common gift type for men, jewelry is certainly a wonderful option that can be exciting for him. Masculine jewelry at BlackTreeLab follows the signature style: sterling silver rings with spiritual symbols and massive gemstones; custom moonstone engagement rings  with totem animals; weighty silver bracelets copying reptiles’ skeletal structure in details; or rings in minimalist styles.

The most important things to consider when you’re choosing jewelry gift ideas for him is to keep it simple and know his style and hobbies. We’ve set basic rules you should consider when selecting a jewelry gift for a man.

Materials Matter

Men tend not to wear lots of jewelry in comparison to women, but if they do, they mostly prefer 925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold pieces.

Gemstone Choice

Although sapphires, black onyx, malachite, tiger’s eye, garnet or green tourmaline are the most masculine gemstones, you can also use his birthstone. This type of gemstone is considered to be the most accurate stone for every person because they match their Zodiac sign perfectly. It’s also true that some gemstones can navigate and direct a person and help him with health or life problems on a spiritual level.

Consider His Style

Does he prefer a minimalist style? Then choose clean geometric rings with tiny gemstones. If he’s a man of power or authority, your choice can be a massive ring with a noticeable gemstone, probably with the totem animal engraved.


It will be really easy for you to have a jewelry gift idea for him if he believes in symbolism. At BlackTreeLab we offer a wide range of sacred jewelry and rings or pendants with symbols of Buddhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Ancient Egypt.

Make it Functional

Most men don’t like useless things, and in everything, even in jewelry, there should be logic and meaning. Find a matching sacred jewelry gift idea for him in accordance with his spiritual development, religion, hobby, totem animals, social status, etc. When it means something but also won’t get in the way of his daily lifestyle, he will be more inclined to wear it.

Engrave Jewelry

One of the simplest ways to make men’s jewelry exciting for him is to add a personal message in the form of engraving in it. This can be a phrase that makes him remember you or something important to him that can remind him to smile every time he looks at it.