Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Shopping can be a fearful experience, especially when you’re tasked with choosing a present for your significant other. There is so much to know and so much to consider when it comes to finding the perfect gift. While local shops are pricey, larger stores’ items can be less personal. And what if she doesn’t like the item? For all these doubts there’s one answer: good jewelry. It’s always a winning choice for women for its affordability, durability, and finality. Please, check out the jewelry gift ideas for her, and some useful tips how to select it! 

Whether you’re shopping for your new girlfriend, your wife of a few years or even your mother, here are some simple rules for her to choose the perfect piece of jewelry for her: 

Opt for Precious Metals 

925 Sterling Silver and 14K Gold are the main precious metals out there in the jewelry market and they’re great options for how long they remain in beautiful condition. 

Take Note of What She Usually Wears 

Is she fond of rings? Earrings? Pendants with symbols? Or does she wear mostly bracelets? If there’s something she’s keen on wearing, don’t be scared to buy a new jewel for her. 

Remember Her Birthday Day

If you’re not exactly sure of which gemstones she is drawn to, you can never go wrong with choosing her birthstone. While corresponding to her Zodiac sign, you’re also selecting a piece of jewelry that is personal to her character. You can find engagement ring meanings of stones here. 

Add Engraving 

Whether you’re purchasing a ring, bracelet or necklace, engraving a word or short phrase that means something to both of you is romantic and thoughtful. Every time she looks at that piece of jewelry in the future, she will think of you and all the care you provide for her.

Ring Size

One of the most common problems for a man choosing the ring as a jewelry gift idea for her is that he doesn’t know his partner’s ring size. You get brownie points if you already know, but if you don’t, you can take a ring she already has to the local jewelry store for sizing. If that doesn’t work for you, opt for a bracelet, pendant or earrings. 

Sacred Jewelry Design

At BlackTreeLab, we make nature-inspired jewelry pieces that will make anyone fall in love with the piece. If she loves flowers or animals, you will definitely find something here with our bestsellers being floral designs and totem animals. 


Is your beloved interested in ancient or spiritual symbolism? If so, the best choice for her gift is to include a symbol, whether that’s a ring with an endless knot or a pentagram pendant. For a person who is in the path of spiritual growth, there is a wide range of jewelry items that she will definitely appreciate as a present. At BlackTreeLab we offer jewelry with symbols of Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Egypt, or Celtic ornaments.