The power of gemstones

Since ancient times, people have been discovering gemstones and using them not only as accessories, but mostly for rituals and as amulets. They believed that by wearing them, they would attract good luck, better harvests, God’s blessing or good health. Some gemstones were used for healing, some for speaking with gods, and others to show the owner’s leadership and societal status.

Formed deep inside the Earth, surviving millions of years of rains, wind, sun and climate changes, the gemstones have absorbed the big power that they are ready to give to their owners.

Imagine: almost all gemstones we know are formed in the Earth’s mantle, which is 325 miles down and consists of magma, and then, due to natural reasons, because of tectonic platforms movement, the gems are pulled out of the Earth to its surface by lava. This is how Earth’s power produces gemstones and enriches them with gemstone energy.

Many cultures, like Egyptian, Indian or Khmer cultures, knew the therapeutic powers of gemstones. For Example, Egyptians used carnelian as a stone of blood, and any carnelian jewelry acquired special potency and energy. More importantly, lapis lazuli symbolised life, the heavens and the gods. In 6000 B.C. China, it was believed that jade conferred immortality. It’s true that nowadays people also use gemstones for healing and spiritual purposes.

But how can we unlock their best features? Here’s something you need to know.

Benefits and healing properties of gemstones

Natural origin of gemstones

To receive gemstone power, there is a little, but obvious secret – the gemstone should be natural. It’s true that today some jewellers use synthetic gemstones to cut the cost of the final product. Although beautiful outside, these gemstones are unlikely to give you power, because they didn’t “live” inside the Earth and were not enriched with the natural powers of the Motherland. As the ideas of BlackTreeLab designs come from Mother Nature, all gemstones used are natural in their origin.

Quality of gemstone

It doesn’t matter what your purpose is in wearing this or another gemstone; the truth is that it should be of high quality. To get the most efficiency from a gemstone, it should be pure and high in quality. At BlackTreeLab, we have trustworthy gemstone seller partners around the globe, and we carefully check each gemstone before using it in a piece of jewelry.

Gemstones’ healing properties

The history of gemstones’ healing properties is ancient, as ancient people adorned themselves with lapis lazuli, carnelian or turquoise to avoid illnesses and diseases. The philosophy of stones healing people is based mainly on Asian cultures and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras.

In crystal healing, stones are assigned various properties, though healers have different ideas about which stones possess which properties. For example, red-colored stones are associated with seven chakra points on the body. Amethyst relieves stress and strain, whereas moonstone is closely connected to the moon and is well-known as the best feminine stone.

In the end, depending on the gemstone type, and also its position on the wearer’s body, it’s believed it can heal different types of diseases and influence the wearer’s overall physical and mental health.

At BlackTreeLab, we offer unique jewelry made out of sterling silver and use only natural gemstones with healing properties. You can pick up the one most suitable for you according to your birthstone or Zodiac sign, or just depending on what you want to achieve by wearing this piece of gemstone jewelry.

For example, peridot (or chrysolite) is a “money” stone. Take a look at the Vita and the band engagement rings set with peridot and tourmaline. 

Or if you wear a garnet ring, such as the “Agnia” ring or “Theia Mio Dew” rings set, you will have more love and passion around you.

For people who always doubt to make decisions, Carnelian jewelry is the best choice. Check out the Carnelian ring and earrings “Mongolian Veld” at BlackTreeLab. Carnelian is also the birthstone for Virgo, and it will be a good companion through life for those born under this Zodiac sign.