Sunstone Gem Overview: Meanings, Raw Gem Pictures, Colors and Varieties

Sunstone is a well-known and beloved stone. Its color and glow are similar to the Sun - a universal symbol of warmth, joy, and happiness. Bringing these emotions to anyone who wears a sunstone, this powerful healing stone can always make your mood better.

We invite you to learn more and get to know the value of a sunstone gem, carefully considering its unique properties and characteristics.


There are bright inclusions (plates) within the stone. As a rule, such inclusions have a common orientation, and the light that hits the stone is reflected from them at a common angle. This is what causes the "glow" effect called Aventurescence - we will describe this in detail later.


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Sunstone is formed in molten lava and is ejected to the surface by volcanic activity. When lava separates or splits off, small crystals of sunstone are released. In modern times, deposits of solar stones are unevenly distributed all around the world. Numerous deposits are located in Norway, Greece, Russia, India, Canada, and the United States.

Sunstones are primarily sourced from Oregon in the United States, where a considerable number of sunstones of different hues are mined. You can also find sunstones of exceptional purity and expressiveness in India.


Sunstone is a type of feldspar that is orange to red brown in color and can be either transparent or translucent. It is 70-50% albite and 30-50% anorthite.

There are bright inclusions (plates) within the stone. As a rule, such inclusions have a common orientation, and the light that hits the stone is reflected from them at a common angle. This is what causes the "glow" effect called Aventurescence - we will describe this in detail later.

On the Mohs scale, sunstone has a value of 6 to 6.5 out of 10. This indicates an average hardness, so care should be taken when wearing the stone.

It is not recommended to expose sunstone to heat, although over time, its color will remain stable and does not fade. That is, the stone is quite durable if cared for.



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The most common colors of sunstone are yellow, pink, peach, orange, fiery red, and even green.

These stones are differentiated by color, but more often by deposit:

  1. Oregon Stones
    Sunstones from Oregon in the United States are exceedingly rare and unique in that they have a shimmering effect due to copper inclusions, while sunstone from India and other places have hematite inclusions.
    Although the general color of an Oregon is an orange sunstone gem, they can also be found in pink, peach, red, red-orange, red-green, and blue green. They can also be bicolor and tricolor in a combination of yellow, red, and green, although only a small percentage will appear bicolor or tricolor.
    Oregon red sunstone differs from sunstones found in other regions of the world in its color, strong pleochroism, and display of multiple colors in a single stone.

  2. Norwegian Stones
    These sunstones are orange, brown in color, containing admixtures of goethite and hematite, and are noted for their shining brilliance.

  3. Tanzanian Stones
    Characterized by a gray-green hue with sparkling overtones, due to the admixture of lamellar and hematite. Some red-yellow specimens have an aventurescence or "cat's eye" effect.

  4. Indian Stones
    Stones from India generally have a red-orange color and biotite inclusions; that appear shiny and iridescent. As we have already noted, these are some of the purest and most beautiful of all sunstones.

  5. Congo Stones
    Such stones are distinguished by their light green or red color.


The unbelievably beautiful sparkling metallic luster in sunstone is called aventurescence, that is caused by flat, reflective inclusions (sometimes called "schiller"). Such inclusions can be hematite, copper, or other minerals. Larger inclusions are more lustrous, while smaller ones create a red or gold sheen over the natural color of the stone.

It is worth saying that not all sunstones possess this amazing effect. Stones with this effect are always more valuable.



The quality of a sunstone depends on many factors, such as color, deposit, etc. But the most important quality factor is aventurescence. The quality of this effect can be expressed in three steps:

  1. The most coveted type of sunstone is an aventurescent, shiny, shimmering stone that strongly reflects light.
  2. The second type is just as good at reflecting light, but up to 50% of the inclusions may look dimmer.
  3. The third type reflects only a minimal amount of light (usually up to 10%), and the rest looks dim.
  4. The lowest and least desirable type of stone looks murky and unattractive. (Although don't forget that Oregon sunstones are still valuable.)
The most valuable are the sunstones with a "cat's eye" effect, which is a shimmering band on the surface of the stone. Also of interest are stones with star patterns on their surface that shimmer depending upon the angle of view.
Rare colored
sunstones, such as green, are also quite valuable.


  • Sunstone has been known for at least several hundred years. It was first used in ancient India and Greece as a magical talisman. It was considered a guide between the world of the living and the dead and was used in the first spiritual séances.
  • In ancient Greece, sunstone was thought to symbolize the sun god. Many people believed that it could bring warmth, life, and abundance to those who possessed it.
  • The Sunstone gem meaning has a special history in the United States. There, a sunstone was found in ancient lava fields. According to legend, a great warrior was wounded by an arrow and his blood dripped on to the stones. This warrior's spirit was transferred into the stones and colored them with beautiful red hues and endowed the gems with sacred powers. The sunstone is now the state jewel of Oregon.
  • The Vikings regarded the sunstone as a talisman for seafaring. They believed it symbolized the Sun and used the stone to navigate voyages by sea. The stone was also often used to invoke the power and influence of the Sun and was used as a protective stone.
  • During the Renaissance, the sparkling mineral symbolized the celestial luminaries and was used in astronomical studies.
  • In Welsh folklore, the Sunstone is associated with Kerridwen, the goddess of inspiration and knowledge. She controls the gifts of prophecy and magic and gives the power of rebirth. She is the guardian of spiritual transformation.
  • The stone also has a connection with Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war, the most powerful goddess of Egypt, who is usually depicted with the body of a woman and the head of a lion.


    Metaphysical Properties

    Relieves fears and insecurities
    Self-doubt is something that has an immediate impact on one's life. The Sunstone helps to increase self-esteem and restore faith in yourself and your strength. It is a leadership stone that will showcase your abilities, strength of mind, and expanded consciousness.

    The Energy of Inspiration Sunstone is good for creative people or just for those who are looking for inspiration. The stone energizes a person, increases productivity and creativity, and helps to develop new and interesting ideas.

    Talent Discovery
    Sunstone helps to reveal talents in various fields, opening doors to new and unexplored areas.

    Improving Mood
    The mineral helps improves mood, giving a boost of strength and energy, reducing the effects of stress, and getting rid of sad thoughts and emotions.

    Sunstone also affects intuitive abilities, strengthening them to help in their application in life situations.

    Curative properties

  • Sunstone is often used in massage: placed on the important biological points of the human body, to develop stimulation of blood circulation, lymph flow and localized heating of the skin.
  • The mineral also aids in the treatment of the stomach, especially ulcers.
  • Sunstone has a complex effect on the organs, creating balance and harmony between the various systems within the body, having importance for proper functioning of all body systems.
  • In the treatment of the spine, a sunstone can also be useful. It is particularly good to use in the treatment of rheumatism.
  • It can help fight allergies, pneumonia, nervous disorders, high blood pressure, and improve visual acuity, sleep, and appetite.

  • It is highly recommended to combine sunstone with both moonstone and jade to increase its activity.



    The sunstone affects all of the chakras, cleansing and removing energy blockage from them. But the mineral has a particularly strong effect on the base and sacral chakras. A sunstone supports the base chakra, the basis of the body's physical and spiritual energy, activating it, to fight against apathy and low activity.

    A sunstone, when applied to the sacral chakra, helps control the energy and flow of information from the body to the mind and vice versa.

    Birthstone of which month

    A sunstone gem is the birthstone for those born in July, August, September, and October. The color of the stone is important. For those born in July, the birthstone is gold; in August, an orange sunstone gem; in September, scarlet red; and in October, fire red.

    Anniversary gift

    Sunstone is not mentioned as a traditional gift for significant wedding anniversaries, but it can be given on the 64th anniversary! It's the perfect gift for such a significant date.

    Zodiac signs

    Astrologers recommend that Aries and Leo wear jewelry with a sunstone gem. For these Zodiac signs, the stone gives poise, tranquility, and helps in avoiding conflict situations.


    Sunstone is a great gift for many people. It is worth remembering its unique properties! For example, this stone is suitable for creative people. It can be given to people of such professions as: doctors, teachers, designers, etc.

    If you get the opportunity to give a gift for a 64th wedding anniversary, it could also be a sunstone. Remember also about birthstones when selecting a gift for a person.



    A sunstone is a unique solution for an engagement ring. The gems come in bright colors, but also in neutral enough shades that will be appropriate for an elegant engagement ring.

    Most suitable is a faceted yellow stone, and for those who want an unusual engagement ring, you could also choose a deep red stone. Of course, any sunstone would add a unique sparkle that can bring splendor and elegance to your ring!


    In jewelry, the sunstone is extremely popular, as it is not only extremely beautiful but also widespread and easy to work with. Sunstone looks great in gold settings, and for the most part, the mineral is used by private jewelry designers and those who like to surprise their customers with interesting custom sunstone jewelry.

    Sunstone is often cut cabochon, turned, or polished into sunstone beads. Beaded sunstones are ideal for making necklaces and bracelets. The faceted sunstone can be cut into many fancy shapes that are perfect for any type of jewelry.

    We recommend choosing rings with a sunstone with great care. It is important that the stone be firmly set so that it is not damaged when worn.

    Pendants with an uncut, raw sunstone gem, and unpolished pieces of natural mineral have also become extremely popular lately.


    In interior design, sunstone is not used very often. It is generally only used to create small figurines that have the ability to glow in the dark.

    In Feng Shui, the sunstone has the energy of fire - of heat, action, emotion, and passion. It is traditionally associated with the southern part of the home or room. A mineral can be used to give life the impetus it needs to enhance your standing in society and with family.


    Sunstone jewelry should not be left under the direct rays of the sun for a long time. This causes the crystals to discolor and lose their natural strength.

    Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean any sunstone items. After cleaning, rinse under running water and dry with a soft cloth.

    Do not use chemicals with abrasives or chlorine, as they can damage the surface of the stone.


    The sunstone is suitable for both men and women. Having universal colors and energy that can have a positive effect on all sexes.

    When choosing, you can be guided by several things: the sign of the Zodiac or month of birth, the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone that are required, the external attractiveness of the stone for you personally. Using these recommendations, you will be able to determine whether a sunstone suits you or not.

    Sunstone is a very energetic stone with a bright and positive energy that will affect anyone. You will definitely feel the power of this gem and will easily enjoy its aura. After all an orange sunstone gem’s rich facets contain all the healing power of the brightest star shining high in our night sky.

    Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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