Top stones to represent and channel fire energy

Feng Shui is a Taoist practice of symbolic exploration of space. This practice is aimed at finding favorable flows of "qi" energy and using them for human benefit.

Five elements in Feng Shui are five types of energy, each resulting from the interaction of Yin and Yang and representing one of the manifestations of "qi" energy. Ideally all five elements fire, water, earth, wood and metal should be in balance. Crystals and stones are very important in feng shui. They can be used to charge the space and direct the energy of fire in the home. Stones are natural wonders, they contain the life-giving energy of nature itself and no power in the world can knock the vibrations of a natural crystal off its rhythm.

Fire energy stones are red and orange minerals that will help fire energy move through space, creating balance. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, brightness, warmth and activity. After all, we all need the warmth, passion and life-giving energy of the element of fire. It is a powerful element, but should be used in moderation.


Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, brightness, warmth and activity.



The garnet carries the energy of passion, creativity and joy. It exudes vitality and fuels sensual energy because it awakens the spirit of the fire element. The garnet has unique qualities to meet a wide range of energy needs, from improving vitality and health to protecting against negativity. Not only does the garnet bring vitality, high energy and protection, but it also helps build confidence and clarify life purpose.
If you decorate the southern part of your house with a garnet, you can achieve fame and recognition.
The garnet should also be used in the northwest corner of the home or central area for grounding, good health, balance, spirituality and protection. In the north part of the house this stone can be placed for travel, victory and success, and in the southwest for partnership.



Ruby with its rich fiery color has the ability to increase vitality and energy. A fire ruby can warm, balance and strengthen your energy.
The color of rubies attracts the energy of fire, which is associated with inspiration and insight. This stone can help work with your creativity and inspiration. The color stone also helps with recognition in life. It can be placed in any sector of the home that requires a lot of fire energy.


The energy of orange carnelian brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and inspiring the individual.
Carnelian is believed to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck.
Use its fiery carnelian energy to give your life the boost it needs to enhance your standing in society and family.


The delicate pink hue of this stone promotes healing, love and peace. It soothes and washes away pain, disappointment and any other negative energies that may have closed your heart.
According to feng shui, it is the best crystal for love and marriage, so it is customary to place it in the bedroom, whether it is an adult bedroom or a bedroom for children. It is recommended to place several rose quartz stones in the drawer of the bedside table or in a small bowl right on the nightstand. In feng shui, rose quartz is also used to attract love in your life.



According to Feng Shui, red rhodonite is the energy of fire, enthusiasm, vigor, activity, warmth and vitality. The stone gives strength to physical energy and is the embodiment of masculine energy, which is responsible for the mind and creative power.
Rhodonite is an excellent tool for balancing Yin and Yang energy, and can be placed in the center of a home, apartment or room to attract love and influence the flow of positive energy.



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Jewelry for Fire Energy

Most minerals are by nature excellent protectors against negative energies. Fire element stones help strengthen and balance the body's energy systems. They control the circulation of energy flow through the meridians. On an emotional level, fire energy stones deal with how we use our will and personal power, our creativity and ability to bring dreams and desires to life, our anger and our fears.

Inside the home, in the apartment, fire energy stones will help to harmonize the space and keep negative energy out of the home.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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