Top types of jewelry chains to use for pendant and necklace combinations

Basic chains overview and rules how to match

A necklace is one of the most common types of jewelry, it is an indispensable and extremely important detail of any complete image. The advantage of this product is that it can be worn as a completely independent jewelry piece, or it can be combined with a pendant or charm.

So let's imagine the situation: You have chosen a pendant that you madly love, but will a necklace that you already have fit this jewelry? Or, if you want to buy a necklace, how do you choose it? Which one would be better? Also, the wrong necklace can look ridiculous and can greatly spoil the impression of any jewelry item.

This post will help you to understand the different types of necklace and their features.


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There are many varieties of different chain linking, we suggest you consider these most popular types of silver chains and gold chains:


This is the most beautiful type of jewelry chain, due to the many metal parts that are joined together to form a weave, like a rope. Such a chain will be heavy and strong, a thin chain will look good with a pendant, and a wide chain can be worn as an independent ornament. Fixing a broken link can be problematic though, as the weaving is difficult.


Such chains consist of square-shaped links that form a fairly strong, smooth surface. Box Chains come in different designs and have different widths, such chains are suitable for both men and women. Also, you can easily change the length of such a chain by removing several links.


Cable Chains are an ancient type of weaving and can be justly called the main and most common type. These consist of a chain of identical oval links connected to each other. This weave is strong enough, but if the link is damaged, it can be easily restored. Such a chain is perfect for spectacular pendants or charms, as it will not attract too much attention.


Like Cable Chain, Curb Chain is a basic weave design that consists of identical links. The main difference is that the links form a flat surface. This type of silver chain is perfectly suitable for combination with pendants. As practice shows, such chains due to their massiveness are very popular among men. But women should not be upset, women's variants of these chains are also easy to find, the links on them are small and thin, looking very gentle and attractive. This chain is very strong and will compliment any jewelry.


The "Figaro" chain is similar to the Cable and Curb Chains, but has a more complex design, consisting of alternating flat links of different sizes. For example, one large link and three small links. Suitable for both women and men, it looks very interesting. But there is one thing - you cannot remove a broken link, because the pattern will spoil.


Flexible and smooth like the body of a snake, Snake Chain consists of tightly joined plates that form a perfectly smooth surface. The chain has no texture, but it is unusual in its own way and can fit many decorations. Such chains are not normally worn as a separate ornament, but are used in combination with pendants. There is one downside - chain links can cling to hair and clothing.


As the name suggests, such types of necklace chains consist of balls connected together. They can be placed next to each other or have gaps. Ball Chains look very feminine and elegant, but try not to forget that such chains do not have high strength.


This chain is also called the "Anchor" because it looks like the chains attached to anchors. It's a very strong and large chain, consisting of ovals with a bar in the center of each. The wider versions are suitable for men, and the thinner Mariner Chains are usually chosen by women. Mariner Chains used to be flat, but now it's quite easy to find more rounded chain designs.


Singapore Chain looks truly stunning, it consists of many interconnected twisted links and combines two types of weaving - Curb and Rope Chain.


The chain is similar to ears of wheat, for which it got its name. It consists of twisted links of an oval shape, has relief and has an attractive, unusual look. The Wheat Chain is suitable as a complement to a pendant, but can also be worn separately.


Now, you know the basic types of chains, but there is a problem - you may like some particular type of chain, but it will not match the pendant you bought. How do you choose the right chain? We offer a system so you can easily determine your choice:


  1. Gold or silver?
    If the pendant is made of gold, the chain must also be gold, otherwise it will not look aesthetically pleasing. It's the same with silver. But if the jewelry is made of silver and has small gold parts, then it is appropriate to choose a silver chain for it. Also silver chain can be of different shape, if you are looking for types of silver chains.
  2. Oxidized or not?
    If your silver pendant is covered with oxide, which highlights its relief and makes the elements of the product black, then these types of silver chains should be oxidized too. If the product is not oxidized, then you should buy a silver chain without oxide coating.
  3. Type of gold?
    Yeah...and that's a big decision too! Your gold pendant should match the color of the chain. Red-yellow, yellow-white, pink-red gold combinations - not all at once! Be careful with your gold chain selection.

  4. It is also worth mentioning that some chains combine several types of metals, such as silver and gold. Of course, such chains are convenient on one hand - you can combine them with gold and silver pendants, but on the other hand - you need to know to what measures and don't lose the sense of style when combining such a chain with a pendant or charm.

It is also important that massive chains are generally more suitable for men, and thin and elegant - for women. When buying a chain, we advise you to pay attention to the clasp, because it is a very important part of the product. If the clasp turns out to be unreliable - you have every chance to lose the chain together with the pendant. Look also at the convenience of the fastening, it shouldn't be too complicated.



Chains from 14 to 36 inches in length are generally considered female. Men's chains are usually 18 to 24 inches long. When choosing a chain, it is worth remembering that short chains are suitable for women and men of skinny build, and for those who have a strong and large build, longer chains will suit.

Let's consider the most popular chain sizes:

  • 14 to 15 inches long are the shortest possible. Such a chain is suitable if you want your jewelry to always be visible, as it will always be above the cut, at any depth.
  • 18-inch chains will fit almost any woman. Men of skinny build also choose this size of product.
  • 20 inches - this chain size emphasizes the décolleté zone, so it works perfectly with a variety of different pendants.
  • 22 inches, or longer, are very likely to suit people with larger, taller body types.

As you can see, the length of the chain is important, so you need to think about this moment when you buy a chain for yourself, and even more significant when the chain is being chosen as a gift. A long chain can always be adjusted to the right size, but a short chain can not.


Chains from 14 to 36 inches in length are generally considered female. Men's chains are usually 18 to 24 inches long.


Well, now a few recommendations on how to combine pendants with chain styles.

  1. When choosing a chain, always be guided first by the pendant to which you are picking the chain for.
  2. Complicated with the simple. If the pendant has an intricate design, then the chain should be concise and discreet (for example, Cable Chain, Snake Chain, Wheat Chain).
  3. Do not combine a wide or voluminous chain with a small pendant, it upsets the balance and looks mismatched.
  4. Remember that the chain with complex and intricate weaving should be combined with nothing at all, and worn as an individual decoration.

So, here we have written our main recommendations for you, which should be useful guidance when picking out a chain. With the right chain and pendant you can not only emphasize your individuality and taste, but also create a unique combination of these two products, which will complement your image and create a fascinating first sight.

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