What you need to know before buying diamond

Buying a diamond is a very responsible thing to do, as this stone has a high price. There are several important features of a diamond that everyone who is going to buy this stone should know about. We will share with you the key points that you need to know about before buying. 


First of all, it should be said that the diamond is the hardest stone in the world. It is the standard of hardness. It means that no other stone can scratch a diamond. 


What is remarkable about a diamond?

First of all, it should be said that the diamond is the hardest stone in the world. It is the standard of hardness. It means that no other stone can scratch a diamond.

In addition, diamonds have been widely known since long before they became popular stones for engagement and wedding rings. People's interest in these stones appeared in India several centuries ago, and by the beginning of the 15th century, diamonds were already a popular stone for the elite in Europe.

But the new wave of fame came with the discovery of diamond deposits in Africa in 1866. A slogan was coined, "A diamond lasts forever," which was used by the DeBeers diamond-mining and processing company. Such advertising agitated people to buy diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, pointing out that diamonds were the best symbol of the longevity of marriage, similar to a diamond. Since then, diamonds have been a great success around the world, being one of the most expensive minerals. 



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Peculiarities of buying diamonds

1. 4-word rule

The first thing to learn about is the 4-word rule. It is a special system designed to evaluate the quality of a diamond.What is included in this rule?
1) Weight
Diamonds are not usually measured in grams; they are measured in carats. One carat is 200 mg. The most commonly bought diamonds are 0.5 or 1-2 carats. The bigger the stone, the higher its price.

2) Cut
A diamond's cut affects the overall appearance of the stone, especially its sparkle. Diamonds are always cut to bring out the full beauty of the stone. There are also a variety of shapes, such as round (the most common), square, marquise, pear, heart, oval, etc.

3) Purity
A diamond is a natural mineral, so it almost always has inclusions of different sizes. This is normal, but this factor greatly affects the price of the stone. One should not be afraid of natural inclusions; the main thing is that there should be few of them.

4) Color
Not only can diamonds be colorless, but they can also be bright or pale colors, such as yellow, pink, green, blue, etc. Such stones are often more expensive as they are rare.

Depending on these 4 points, the price of a diamond will add up.

So if you have a fairly limited budget, it is worth considering what are you willing to sacrifice. For example, you can buy a 1-carat stone instead of 0.5, but with inclusions. Or you can choose a more colorless stone and save money on it.

2. Certificates of Authenticity
As you have already understood, buying a diamond is a serious business. And the purchase should be approached with care and attention. Once you have decided on the parameters of a diamond, you need to find a store where you can be sure you are buying a real stone and not a fake. Remember that when it comes to diamonds, you should ask for a certificate that proves the authenticity of the mineral. The certificate should specify the main characteristics of the stone and the document should be official. In addition, the certificate should be issued by an authorized gem laboratory, and all signatures and marks should be present. For example, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).You will also need a certificate if you wish to sell your stone. Without proof, you may not be able to sell your stone.

3. Second Opinion
In case you are in doubt before buying a stone, we recommend consulting with a stone expert. Such specialists are usually available in large cities. They will help you evaluate the stone and give an expert opinion. Some experts can accompany you to the store and help you choose a stone, as well as assess the risks and quality of the stone.

4. Stone Insurance
Once you have made a purchase, it is advisable to insure your stone against loss or theft. A stone is of great value, so it needs to be insured just like a car, for example. To ensure a diamond, you will also need a certificate indicating that the stone is natural. 


Diamonds are very durable minerals and should be chosen very carefully. Take into account all the factors that influence the price of a stone so you can choose the best one for you. It is important to remember not to rush and make fast decisions in such an important matter. 

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