Labradorite Pendant "Perseida"


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 "Perseida" is a handmade Sacral Pendant made in the name of the Goddess by hands in Sterling Silver and using Natural gemstones - Labradorite, Moonstone and Tourmaline. There's a 14K Gold plating on some elements of the pendant. Combining the power and colors of 3 Natural gemstones with the Silver and Gold Plating, this pendant is a unique piece of Sacral jewelry worth to wear it for any reason.

  • 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Natural Labradorite,
  • Labradorite size: 10mm diameter
  • Natural Tourmaline
  • Tourmaline size: 9mm*6mm
  • Natural Moonstone
  • Rainbow Moonstone size: 3mm diameter
  • Pendant size: length - 4.8сm, width - 1.3cm

This listing is for pendant only without a chain.

Please allow around 15-18 business days for producing this ring from the date of your order. Due to the handmade work and natural origin of the stones, each piece is unique and may slightly vary.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

Labradorite is gem that flashes different hues at different angles, creating the illusion of multiplicity. When it is embedded into jewelry, this feature becomes enhanced.

But the popularity of labradorite as a gem of choice by many men and women in history is also due in part to the many physical and psychological benefits it brings to the wearer. Some of these benefits include it's ability to: 

  • Dispel anxiety and worries
  • Banish fear and insecurities
  • Improve intuition and internal timing
  • Boost general wellbeing and growth
  • Strengthen inner resolve and perseverance
  • Deflect negative energies around the wearer.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

This brilliant gemstone is imbued with vibrant energy that pulsates within the heart of the wearer infusing him or her with love, joy and happiness.

Tourmaline is very effective at helping overcome mood related problems and depression, stress and anxiety. Some other benefits of tourmaline include its ability to:

  • Stimulate relaxation of the nervous system, helping to relieve migraines and neuralgia
  • Increase optimism, inspiration and hope in the wearer
  • Lessen the effects of panic attacks
  • Reduce the effects of both physical and emotional tension
  • Remove blockages from the mind and soul

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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