10 Reasons why the Moonstone Gem is Good to Use in Engagement Rings?

Many people wonder if a moonstone ring is a good engagement ring? Yes, moonstone is a gemstone of high quality, and people have been buying and using moonstones for engagement rings for centuries. In fact, today it's something more unique and actually has a meaning behind it. It is popular and on a big trend.


Moonstone hides many secrets inside, and it is truly a woman’s stone with unique healing powers.


Adularescence is what gives the moonstones their stunning glow, it’s reached by multiple layers in the stone formation. The light comes inside and is refracted between the layers of the crystal. The final refracted ray has a different color - beautiful blue, shiny silver or rainbow.

The best quality moonstones are found in India and in Sri Lanka which is also home to Sapphire. Rainbow Moonstones can be found in Madagascar and in India. There are other places where they are mined like America, Brazil, Mexico, Armenia,and Australia.

Moonstones can come in different setting variations. If you want a custom one-of-a-kind moonstone engagement ring, ask our design studio at blacktreelab jewelry store. The metal used to carefully handmake a moonstone ring can be sterling silver, or yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Moonstone has always been associated with the moon and has a rich history of being a stone for women. It is believed to be connected to the Moon Goddess and feminine energy in general.

This connection offers an explanation for why many people believe that wearing a moonstone can help regulate mood swings, menstrual cycles, fertility, and even lactation. Others also associate it with love, luck and protection from negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, and rage. However, there are more than just these benefits when shopping for your perfect engagement ring!

Funny enough Florida in the United States voted the moonstone to be their state gemstone, even though it's not found anywhere in its natural form. Since the Kennedy space center, where all the space launches to the Moon took place,
Moonstone is considered to be a symbol of this state.

Moonstone is made out of minerals called feldspar. Moonstones can be cut into cabochon, and have oval, round or pear shapes, and can be faceted, too. The blue color has a specific iridescent glow, unlike in other gemstones. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is 6.5. Please take extra care though when wearing it as it is more delicate than diamonds and can be scratched easily.

It is a very durable gemstone as long as you take care of it properly and wear it with caution. You will love the compliments you will receive from people around you.

Finding and buying the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task.

There are so many different types of rings to choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons. Moonstone is an affordable gem that offers a lot of benefits for those looking for an alternative engagement ring different from the usual diamond engagement rings. If you're considering a moonstone as your engagement ring then here are 10 reasons why a moonstone engagement ring is for you!


Open your Femininity with Nature Inspired Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Engagement rings Jewelry

1. Moonstone is a gemstone that has been used for engagement rings for centuries.

It was a traditional choice in the times of Ancient India when moonstones were used as adornments in ancient jewelry and talismans, with some people believing they were even blessed by the Gods!

2. More recently moonstones have become popular again because they are inexpensive.

With what has been happening in the world today it's becoming a trend for couples to find an alternative to diamond engagement rings, making the moonstone one of the best choices for an engagement ring. Moonstone Rings win in the price compared to traditional engagement rings and offer the status of the classic engagement rings styles.

3. Moonstones can be found in light blue or dark purple colors

Or any color between them- making them perfect for people who want their ring to match every outfit and occasion! Moonstone reflects day and night lights in an almost other-worldly way.

4. Moonstones can be used in many different ways when used for an engagement ring.

They can be set into a solitaire ring, placed in yellow gold, rose gold band, or even used as side stones. Whatever your choice is, make sure you get a professional jeweler to customize your moonstone set or buy the one already designed. All you need to do is give them your Ring Size. If you're looking for some premade designs check out some of our latest creations for moonstone engagement rings. We know the sacral secrets about moonstone engagement rings.

5. Moonstone has magical, almost supernatural appeal making it very unique and different from most stones used in engagement rings.

It’s not possible to find two similar Moonstones. Moonstone engagement rings have a soft glow that can't be replicated by diamonds or any other gems making them perfect for everyday wear. It guarantees that you will have a unique engagement ring.


6. Because of its magical appeal moonstone is said to have healing properties such as balancing hormones, easing menstrual cramps, and helping with asthma.

Moonstones are used in Asia to balance the yin and yang parts of people’s personalities and lives. Moonstone is also known for bringing good luck and giving a natural balance to the life flow. If you're a man buying a moonstone engagement ring then you want to know that it will bring benefits to you as well. Keeping your new bride happy, emotionally sound, and making your relationship bonded without a hitch.

7. Wearing a moonstone engagement ring is sure to amaze all friends around because of its unique and captivating beauty.

This celestial crystal is a solid statement and can be a topic on everyone's mind when they see your Beautiful moonstone engagement ring! They will ask what kind of stone is that? Where did you get it from? How much does it cost? What makes it turn blue like that? Whatever you decide to tell them is up to you as you will see nobody else will have one and it will be the topic of conversation.

8. Moonstones can be found in many different cuts, from round to oval, square, pear, and more!

This beautiful gemstone has many different clarity types and colors but, usually, jewelers cut the moonstone in cabochon to really get the best flashes of the blue. The top-quality moonstones in the world have pristine blue colors because of the colorless body and amazing clarity of the moonstone. Many moonstones can have pink, green, yellow and brown colors and clarities ranging from translucent to transparent. The special moonstone type is made from Labradorite Feldspar and called Rainbow Moonstone. Its known to emit a wide range of colors like purple, blue, pink, yellow, peach, red, violet and green to name a few.

9. It’s a great way to express your character and elegance, as well as free-spirited and unconstrained from the normal.

The DeBeers mining company once coined the phrase “diamonds last forever” which made the price skyrocket and forever hold a greater value than any other gemstone on the planet. DeBeers mining company controls 75 percent of the world's diamonds. Long time ago diamonds were not valuable at all, but the Debeers mining company made them become valuable because of their clever marketing. If you think about it, we are only buying and using these gemstones called diamonds because of one single-handed company. Let's not follow the mass market and let's get her something special that has meaning and is truly unique (Moonstone Engagement Ring.)

10. The month of June is the birthstone month of moonstone, making it extra special for anyone that has that birthday in June.

If you are born in June, then this is going to be such an amazing engagement ring. They say that the Moonstone ring finds its true value for people born in the month of June.



How long do moonstone engagement rings last?

Mostly forever. Moonstone engagement rings typically last as long as they are taken care of and not worn regularly in daily activities that may be hard on the gem. Avoid soap or bleach baths or any other kind of chemicals and heating the gem up to high temperatures. Use a gentle cloth instead of rough paper towels to clean it in order to prevent scratches.

Does a moonstone fade in the sunlight?

Yes, a moonstone does slowly turn cloudy in direct sunlight. But don't worry it takes years for this to happen and it has to be in direct sunlight to actually fade the color.

Is moonstone too soft for an engagement ring?

No, moonstone is not too soft for an engagement ring. Moonstone is a stone that can be worn in the right setting. It’s not uncommon for engagement rings to have a moonstone as one of the center stones, and even as side stones. There are a few drawbacks to this gem – some side effects may include easy scratching or cracking if it is not taken care of properly. Women should be very careful when wearing Moonstone rings at work because moonstone does turn cloudy over time with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

How do I protect my moonstone engagement ring?

1. When you moisturize your hands, don't apply lotion or perfume on your ring which will eventually have an effect on the stone.

2. Cover the gems up in order to prevent exposure to any kind of light when the moonstone ring is not being worn.

3. Have your hands clean before you put on or remove the moonstone ring as sweat, dirt, cosmetics can affect a cut moonstone finish and cause abrasions that may lead to fracture or staining.

4. Immediately after doing anything with your moonstone engagement ring- including showering, wearing gloves outside for long periods of time- make sure to air dry before storing them away.


How do I clean my moonstone ring?

Make sure you learn the right way for cleaning and the right information on how to take care of your ethereal moonstone. We recommend to study the question about how to take care and wear a Moonstone ring seriously. You may also need to call your local jewelry store to get a second opinion from someone who has better knowledge about jewelry and cleaning precious gemstones.

Every stone is different but cleaning yellow gold or sterling silver is different than caring for and cleaning a moonstone. Do not use any kind of ultrasound cleaning chemicals on the moonstone; it will damage the stone. Follow these simple rules when cleaning your gold, rose gold, silver - just use a jewelry cloth for the band, but don't let the chemicals interact with the stone. This goes the same for rainbow moonstone and any kind of ring actually.

Although most people will tell you it's ok to submerge your moonstone ring completely in water, we do not recommend this as water can contain corrosive elements to most gemstones and metals. This can lead to your moonstone ring having serious damage to the stone within, like being cracked later or diminishing the beautiful shimmer that the stone once had. You might see spots that were not there before and the beauty will be lost. This is especially true with mineralized water or salty water that is used to clean the moonstone, as the minerals can seep into the stone and cause irreversible damage to your moonstone ring. It is best to use a very soft cloth and gently clean it with high quality drinkable water, or use a very soft brush and just a little bit of water on it. When you begin to brush or clean with a dry soft cloth, repeat the process until there is no dirt and you are satisfied with the result. We give you this advice based on the expertise of our master, a jeweler who has been in the business for over 15 years.


In India the moonstone meaning is very old and sacred as people: In India, people believed that Moonstones were brought to us by Lakshmi and Vishnu, who received them as gifts from The Moon.

The conclusion for:

Is moonstone a good engagement ring?

YES, Moonstone is a stunning gem and will add elegance to any engagement ring. If you want something that stands out, moonstone may be a perfect choice for your special day! Take a look at rainbow moonstone for your wedding ring or engagement ring. The tips we’ve provided should help ensure that you have an elegant and memorable experience with this gorgeous stone on your wedding day or as a lifelong piece of jewelry.

We hope these insights into moonstones have helped answer some questions about what makes them such a popular option for engagement rings in general, but also how they can stand out among other gems when it comes to everyday wear. We would love to hear from brides-to-be who are considering their own moonstone options – let us know which cut best reflects your style and personality!

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