15 cool facts about moonstone jewelry

Moonstone has been attracting people with its beauty and energy for centuries. People have long appreciated moonstones for their appearance and properties, and there are many legends and beliefs associated with them. In this article, we offer to learn some interesting facts about this mineral. 


Moonstone has a powerful healing energy that can affect anyone who wears moonstone jewelry.


1. Healing Energy

Moonstone has a powerful healing energy that can affect anyone who wears moonstone jewelry. For example, this stone is very useful for people experiencing insomnia and other sleep problems. The stone is also needed for proper kidney function, and to treat fevers and infectious diseases. 

2. A charm for travelers

Moonstone brings good fortune to travelers, it also protects against misfortunes that may arise en route.In ancient times, seafarers used Moonstone as an amulet to prevent disasters. 

3. Moonstones can be different

Usually, when it comes to moonstones, people imagine a bluish mineral. Although in fact, moonstones can be different colors, such as pink, yellow, white, gray, etc. Moonstone has a big variety of colors and every person can find a stone to his or her taste.

4. Adularescence: the Moonstone's fascination

Moonstone attracts looks due to the unusual optical phenomenon of adularescence. This glow inside the mineral looks very beautiful, making you look again and again at the shimmering highlights. This optical effect is caused by the refraction of light inside the stone. The light is reflected from the inner layers or the thin plates.

5. 13th Wedding Anniversary Stone

It is customary to give a moonstone on the 13th wedding anniversary because it symbolizes trust and love. As a gift, you can choose, for example, paired moonstone jewelry.



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15 cool facts about moonstone jewelry

6. The feminine energy of the mineral

Jewelry with this stone is perfect for any woman. The mineral enhances feminine energy and helps to restore life balance and harmony. It also helps to tune female energy cycles, positively affects the emotional state, and has calming properties. 

7. The stone that gives love

The mineral is called the stone of love, as it is a great stone for people in love. The stone helps to overcome obstacles in a relationship, and if a quarrel does occur, the moonstone can reunite lovers.

 For those who are just looking for love, the moonstone brings good luck in such a process. Also, this mineral helps to realize that you should not be afraid of change, you should accept it and make the most of it. 

8. Special Moonstones

Moonstones come in a variety of colors, but in addition, there are very rare stones. For example, a stone with a cat's eye effect. This optical effect shows a moving stripe on a stone resembling a cat's eye.

There are also unique stones with a star effect. In this case, the lines intersect to form a beautiful effect. 

9. Magical possibilities of the stone

Moonstone has many magical properties, for example, the stone can attract love, helps in solving difficult issues in life, and promotes good luck in business and creativity.

10. Attracting luck

Jewelry with a moonstone attracts good luck and helps personal growth. The properties of the stones are especially strong in business-related matters. 


11. Reducing the influence of the Moon

Wearing jewelry with moonstones helps to get rid of the negative influence of the full moon. People who are exposed to the active influence of the moon are very useful to wear jewelry with moonstones. However, it is recommended to clean the jewelry occasionally so that the stone gets rid of negative energy.

12. Creative energy

This mineral is considered an amulet for people who are dedicated to creativity. The moonstone helps to unlock creative potential, helping to develop creative abilities and assignments. 

13. Intuition and psychic abilities

Moonstone has many magical properties, for example, it helps to unlock the gift of clairvoyance, and causes clairvoyant dreams. 

14. Fertility

The mineral can have a significant effect on the female reproductive system, increasing fertility. And for pregnant women, the stone helps to ease the course of pregnancy, as well as promote easy childbirth.

15. Stress reduction

Moonstone jewelry has amazing properties, including stress reduction. The stone is especially suitable for those who are subject to frequent stressful situations and have unstable living situations. The mineral helps to restore balance to life, harmonizing all aspects of life while reducing the effects of stress. 

Moonstone is an incredible mineral that carries a lot of positive energy that can change lives for the better. This stone is a beautiful creation of nature and should be treated with great respect and care.

Kindly note that healing gemstone meanings are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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