Online jewelry shopping safety tips:

Avoid scams and common mistakes!

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and the interest of people, from all around the world in online shopping, is increasing every year. This, and the purchase of clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, products and even jewelry, and this is not surprising, because it is much more pleasant to browse the pages of the shops at home under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and choose your favorite jewelry, than to spend hours shopping around town. And some shops, with truly original and exclusive jewelry, can only be found online!

Buying jewelry online, on the one hand, is very convenient - as you can find interesting jewelry from around the world. But on the other hand, there are many risks and situations that need to be considered. So, we suggest you read the TOP 10 useful recommendations that will help you not to make mistakes when buying jewelry online.


Pay attention to the number of reviews, and do not forget to see that the reviews were written by real people with names, especially in stores on social networks (Instagram, Facebook and others).


1. Get acquainted with the brand on different platforms

It may be a website, social network or marketplace, such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay. As a rule, stores with jewelry are represented on multiple trading platforms, so you have the opportunity to create your own impression of their brand.

2. Feedback!

It is extremely important that the reviews are real, not fake. Pay attention to the number of reviews, and do not forget to see that the reviews were written by real people with names, especially in stores on social networks (Instagram, Facebook and others). And of course, after reading the reviews, try to get a general impression. If you think that all the reviews are written by one person, then most likely they are just not real.

Don't neglect to read third-party sites (TrustPilot, Reseller Ratings), which may have reviews on the brand you are interested in. Reviews with photos may be few, but you can see if the buyer's decoration matches the photos that are on their marketplace.

3. Rating

Ratings of a store on the marketplace is a key factor which is also worth paying attention to. Basically, the rating is formed depending on customer feedback and their number of sales.


4. Items' prices

You may have heard that "cheap" doesn't equal "quality"? Always try to remember this, even when you're very attracted to that silver ring for $5. High-quality jewelry can never be that cheap!

5. Does this store have a history?

How long has the brand existed? These are the questions you should remember to find out before buying.

6. Customer Service

We are all happy when our questions are answered kindly and quickly. Customer care is one of the key advantages to any store. Look at how you are answered by the store staff. It is important to be sure that you are left with no more questions or complaints. You can also find more information about other people's customer service experiences in their reviews.

7. Returns Policy

Always check the store's returns policy in advance, as it will be very unpleasant to know that a piece of jewellery cannot be returned if it does not fit or is defective. If you are are interested in the question "Is it safe to buy jewelry on ebay", you should read the Returns policy as well.

8. Delivery

What delivery options are there? Try not to forget about delivery until the last moment, always ask in advance how the delivery is carried out: it could be courier delivery (if the manufacture is near to your city) or sent by mail.

Remember, it is important to clarify which postal service the delivery will be sent through, the price and expected delivery time depend on it. Sometimes brands loyal to the customer provide free delivery, and some larger companies can afford worldwide express delivery in less than a week.

9. Brand transparency

Brand transparency plays an important role in your trust in a store. Ideally, if you can see the brand founders, any photos, or videos from the production process, then this will create trust between the buyer and seller. Information about brand founders can be found on their official brand pages on social networks, like Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.

10. Secure Payment

When it comes to paying for your purchase, look at a payment system such as Payment Express or Paypal. If you see an unknown payment system, you should always check it first.

Is it safe to buy jewelry on Etsy? Our answer is yes, if you check the hand maker across all above mentioned points.


By following these 10 simple rules, you will protect yourself from fraudulent purchases of jewelry, as well as make your online shopping experience more fun. Enjoy your shopping.

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